Mobile Work Platforms [Made in the USA]

Mobile Work Platforms from EGA Products provide a secure workspace at a variety of heights. They add convenience and efficiency with the ability to roll wherever you need them to. You can even gain more access and get deeper into your inventory with our double entry and dual access work platforms that make it easier to navigate down narrow aisles or congested spaces.

Mobile Work Platform Model W032 no handrails aluminum portable work platform ladder

An EGA Products mobile ladder platform is an essential part of whatever industrial space it occupies. From the ease of use to the structural durability, EGA’s all-American material handling products are known for being high quality with great prices.

Custom Work Platforms Available

If you are looking for a more customized and modular approach,  EGA Products also offers custom work platforms.

CW3-21-2-6 Custom Work Platform by EGA Products

For bigger work platforms, check out our custom operation platforms page to see an example of what we can do.

Custom Industrial Operations Platforms

All EGA industrial mobile work platforms meet or exceed OSHA standards.

All industrial work platforms by EGA are OSHA compliant and built with safety and quality as the top priority.

Industrial access and material handling equipment comes in many varieties, but not all of them are built right here in the United States. EGA Products have always been proudly made in the USA.

When just about every manufacturer leaves for cheaper wages (cheaper quality too) and higher margins, EGA has maintained a commitment to producing the best mobile access work platforms in the world.

Aluminum Mobile Work Platforms

Lightweight in the best way possible, the space-age aluminum used by EGA Products packs a punch. It’s a stable, solid work surface that will hold its own to weather and corrosion.

Coming to you fully assembled, the aluminum work platform only requires basic mounting. Being aluminum, the lightweight aspect comes in handy at this phase in the acquisition.

Choose an Aluminum Work Platform if extra weather and corrosion resistance is needed.

Steel Mobile Work Platforms

All-welded American Steel construction is a cornerstone of EGA Products. The platforms built right here in the US by EGA are anything but a commodity good.

When business booms, these rolling work platforms move with the business. In many cases, employees that start after the purchase of an EGA work platform will retire before the industrial access equipment (with proper maintenance). Make accessing work equipment and working in the warehouse easier with a rolling platform ladder.

Contact us if you need more information or if you need something custom designed and custom fabricated.

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