Mobile Work Platforms ∠60º (W – SERIES)

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Mobile Work Platforms - EZY Tread
EGA # W025
# Of Steps3
Tread Widths24"
Base W x L27x49
Weight (Lbs.)75
Platform W x D (in)24x36
Platform H (in)30
Overall Height30"
W x L x H27x49x30
Freight Class150-300
FOB: WI 53005Y
FOB: NC 28115Y
Product Description
Mobile Work Platforms ∠60º (W – SERIES)

EGA Mobile Work Platforms provide a secure workspace at a variety of heights. Work platforms can be easily rolled from job to job on dual 4″ rear casters. An EGA Products mobile ladder platform is an essential part of whatever industrial space it occupies. From the ease of use to the structural durability, EGA’s all-American material handling products are noted for being un-noted by the maintenance department.

Steel Mobile Work Platform Features

  • Rubber-tip legs grip securely to floor when platform is in use
  • 1″ square-tube technology is more abuse-resistant than conventional round tube design
  • Steps are 7″ deep. Choose 35″ or 49″ platform depth
  • Up to 500 lbs. capacity. Meets or exceeds OSHA standards
  • Choose perforated EZY Tread® or technologically advanced Grip Strut® tread for slip resistant footing

Check out our Aluminum mobile work platforms.

Rolling Platform Ladder Gallery

Mobile Work Platform W042H 3 step rolling platform ladder model number W025 EGA Products rolling ladder platform with 4 steps and grip strut serrated tread. Model number  W038
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Mobile Work Platforms - EZY Tread

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Compare EGA # W x L x HOverall HeightPlatform H (in)Platform W x D (in)# Of StepsTread WidthsBase W x LHandrailsWeight (Lbs.)Get QuotePrintEmail
W025 27x49x3030"3024x36324"27x49N75 Get Quote    
W025H 27x49x6060"3024x36324"27x49Y90 Get Quote    
W026 27x64x3030"3024x48324"27x64N86 Get Quote    
W026H 27x64x6060"3024x48324"27x64Y102 Get Quote    
W027 32x49x3030"3030x36330"32x49N88 Get Quote    
W027H 32x49x6060"3030x36330"32x49Y102 Get Quote    
W028 32x64x3030"3030x48330"32x64N100 Get Quote    
W028H 32x64x6030"3030x48330"32x64Y116 Get Quote    
W029 27x49x4040"4024x36424"27x55N90 Get Quote    
W029H 27x49x7070"4024x36424"27x55Y104 Get Quote    
W030 27x64x4040"4024x48424"27x69N101 Get Quote    
W030H 27x64x7070"4024x48424"27x69Y115 Get Quote    
W031 32x49x4040"4030x36430"32x55N103 Get Quote    
W031H 32x49x7070"4030x36430"32x55Y117 Get Quote    
W032 32x64x4040"4030x48430"32x69N116 Get Quote    
W032H 32x64x7070"4030x48430"32x69Y130 Get Quote    
W041H 27x61x8080"5024x36524"27x61Y106 Get Quote    
W042H 27x75x8080"5024x48524"27x75Y117 Get Quote    
W043H 32x61x8080"5030x36530"32x61Y119 Get Quote    
W044H 32x75x8080"5030x48530"32x75Y132 Get Quote    
Mobile Work Platforms - Grip Strut

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W040H 4 Step Work Access Platform EGA

Compare EGA # W x L x HOverall HeightPlatform H (in)Platform W x D (in)# Of StepsTread WidthsBase W x LHandrailsWeight (Lbs.)Get QuotePrintEmail
W033 27x49x3030"3024x36324"27x49N75 Get Quote    
W033H 27x49x6060"3024x36324"27x49Y90 Get Quote    
W034 27x64x3030"3024x48324"27x64N86 Get Quote    
W034H 27x64x6060"3024x48324"27x64Y102 Get Quote    
W035 32x49x3030"3030x36330"32x49N88 Get Quote    
W035H 32x49x6060"3030x36324"32x49Y102 Get Quote    
W036 32x64x3030"3030x48330"32x64N100 Get Quote    
W036H 32x64x6060"3030x48324"32x64Y116 Get Quote    
W037 27x49x4040"4024x36424"27x55N90 Get Quote    
W037H 27x49x7070"4024x36424"27x55Y104 Get Quote    
W038 27x49x4040"4024x48424"27x69N101 Get Quote    
W038H 27x64x7070"4024x48424"27x69Y115 Get Quote    
W039 32x49x4040"4030x36430"32x55N103 Get Quote    
W039H 32x49x7070"4030x36424"32x55Y117 Get Quote    
W040 32x64x4040"4030x48430"32x69N116 Get Quote    
W040H 32x64x7070"4030x48424"32x69Y130 Get Quote    
W045H 27x61x8080"5024x36524"27x61Y106 Get Quote    
W046H 27x75x8080"5024x48524"27x75Y117 Get Quote    
W047H 32x61x8080"5030x36530"32x61Y119 Get Quote    
W048H 32x75x8080"5030x48530"32x75Y132 Get Quote    

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