Rolling Ladder Parts

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Rolling Ladder Parts
C2SSC3SSC4RFC4RP-NMC4SPC4SP-NMC4SSCW4Rubber Tread Replacement for Rolling Ladders LD-RT-16Replacement Rubber Tread for Rolling Ladders Fits 24"W treads by EGA Productsb spring partsezy lock by egaspring partsrolling wheels - partswheelsparts for rolling ladderswheel setrolling ladder partssteel-springs-rolling-casters rolling ladder partsrolling-caster-springs-brass rolling ladder partsroling ladder parts - replacement stairsRubber Tips RUBTS-S and plastic plug inserts for EGA ProductsRound Rubber Tips RUBTS-R for rolling ladders and other EGA Products

EGA Products Rolling Ladder Parts and Accessories

Even the best rolling ladders need parts, but these parts are also great upgrades to lesser brands of rolling ladders and mobile work platforms.

We may be best known for our quality rolling ladders and fixed ladders, but we also offer a large collection of ladder replacement parts and accessories including rolling ladder wheels, step ladder parts, replacement rubber feet for ladders and more. Like any ladder designed by EGA Products, our rolling ladder parts are built to last and customizable for whatever size or style of the rolling ladder you use in your facility.

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Other Parts & Ladder Options

If you are looking for complete caster kits, view our Ladder Casters Kits page.

Deep Top Step Platform Options are also available for a larger standing area.

Some of the most popular rolling ladder parts and accessories include:

  • Rubber Tips – Replacement rubber tips available for round or square tubing. Square tips (RUBTS-S) come with plastic plug inserts while round tips (RUBTS-R) have a metal washer insert.
  • EZY-Lock bottom stepReplacement EZY-lock bottom steps from EGA Products make it easier to maneuver mobile work platforms and rolling ladders. Our step ladder parts are designed to ensure strong traction and durability while the ladder or platform is in use.
  • Fold down traysOur replacement fold down trays fasten to a ladder’s top handrail for convenient tool placement during use, and removes just as easily for storage when the job is finished. These trays are a great step ladder accessory and replacement part for any industrial warehouse or material handling facility.
  • Rolling ladder wheels – Replacement rolling ladder wheels from EGA Products are an affordable way to replace a worn down or broken wheel without having to pay for an additional ladder. Like all of our products, these ladder wheels are built to last.
  • Removable chains – Chain gates are available on most rolling ladders and platforms manufactured by EGA Products. They make moving items on and off the ladder simple and effective while maintaining a measure of restraint through a secure connection to the handrails.
  • Non-marking castersNon-marking casters keep your finished or painted floors clear of scuffs or marks produced by rolling ladder wheels and mobile work platforms. These are especially beneficial in increasing the longevity and professional look of your floors.

Order one of our high quality, durable caster kits, springs, rubber feet for ladders, rolling ladder wheels and other associated hardware. EGA might be able to fabricate a new part to optimize your rolling ladders or other material handling implements.

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Caster Parts

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Compare EGA # DescriptionGet QuotePrintEmail
C2SS 2" dia. Swivel Stem Caster. Caster Housing Washer. 5/16-18 Stop Nut Get Quote    
C3SS 3" dia. Swivel Stem Caster. Caster Housing Washer. 5/16-18 Stop Nut Get Quote    
C4RF 4" dia. Rigid Fork Caster (NO plate - weld on) Get Quote    
C4RP-NM 4" dia. Rigid Plate Caster (non marking). 5/16-18 x 1"L Hex Hd Bolts. 5/16-18 Stop Nuts Get Quote    
C4SP 4" dia. Swivel Plate Caster Get Quote    
C4SP-NM 4" dia. Swivel Plate Caster (non marking). 5/16-18 x 1"L Hex Hd Bolts. 5/16-18 Stop Nuts Get Quote    
C4SS 4" dia. Swivel Stem Caster. 1/2" Split Ring Lock Washer. 1/2-13 Hex Nut Get Quote    
CW4 4" dia. Wheel. 5/16-18 x 2-1/4"L Hex Hd Bolts. 5/16-18 Center Lock Nuts Get Quote    
Ladder Accessories

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ezy lock by ega

Compare EGA # DescriptionGet QuotePrintEmail
EL EZY-Lock (39" base length req'd) Get Quote    
FDT Fold down tray - 12" deep Get Quote    
NM Non-marking casters** Get Quote    
PT Perimeter toe plate on top step* - add 5 days to lead time Get Quote    
RC Removable chain gate on rear. Ladders will need to be equipped with an EZY-lock bottom step. Incompatible with side chain gate. Get Quote    
RR Removable chain gate on side. This option will need a 28” top step (28TS) for square tube & 29” top step (TTS) for round tube ladders. EZY-Lock required. Incompatible with rear chain gate. Get Quote    
Ladder Replacement Parts

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b spring parts

Compare EGA # DescriptionGet QuotePrintEmail
Set of 4 bushings (stem caster insterts) Get Quote    
B-SPRING Replacement Black springs (set of 4) Get Quote    
BS Bottom step assembly Get Quote    
ELS EZY-Lock Spring (each) Get Quote    
R10 Replacement 10" wheels (pair) Get Quote    
RSCKTS Unfinished replacement caster housing sockets (set of 4 stem casters). Needs to be welded. Get Quote    
RUBPD Replacement rubber pads 2 1/2" diameter (pair with hardware). RUBPD Get Quote    
S-SPRING Replacement Silver springs (set of 4) Get Quote    
U-SPRING Replacement Uncoated springs (set of 4) Get Quote    
W4 Replacement 4" wheels (no rigs) & hardware Get Quote    
Y-SPRING Replacement Yellow springs (set of 4) Get Quote    
Ladder Replacement Rubber Tips

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Round Rubber Tips RUBTS-R for rolling ladders and other EGA Products

Compare EGA # DescriptionGet QuotePrintEmail
RUBTS-R Replacement rubber tips- fits 1" round O.D. tube (set of 4 round tips) Get Quote    
RUBTS-S Replacement rubber tips– fits 1" square O.D. tube (set of 4 square tips) Get Quote    
Replacement Vinyl Tread Strip

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Rubber Tread Replacement for Rolling Ladders LD-RT-16

Compare EGA # DescriptionGet QuotePrintEmail
RT-16 Replacement Vinyl Tread Strip for 16"W Treads. 6" x 14-7/8" Get Quote    
RT-24 Vinyl Tread Replacement Strip for 24"W Treads. 6" x 21-5/8" Get Quote    
Replacement Vinyl-Rubber Tread

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Rolling Ladder Vinyl Anti-Slip Rubber Tread from EGA Products

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RT Anti-Slip Vinyl Tread: + $11/Step Get Quote    

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