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Flat Media Tray Carts


Flat media tray carts from EGA Products were born out of necessity and built in the USA.

EGA advanced design expertise and manufacturing capabilities were tapped by a well-known national provider of material handling systems when they required a line of custom tray carts with 25 levels for storing and transporting flat media.

That was because, in addition to sizing and durability considerations, the tray cart shelving must be precisely aligned from unit-to-unit to accommodate ASRS robotics, a design element that is additionally complicated by the need for the 25 levels to be adjustable.

flat media tray cart
EGA engineers designed a Flat Media Tray Cart that can be used in a wide range of ASRS environments where flat media need to be accommodated. Clients have been predominantly from these industry sectors:

  • Automotive
  • Food
  • Manufacturing
  • Metalworking
  • Shipping
  • Military/government

EGA Flat Media Tray Carts are available with stainless steel construction

These heavy duty carts are offered in a variety of other finishes as well, including:

  • Painted enamel
  • Powder coat
  • Hot-dipped galvanized
  • And more

Other features/benefits include:

  • Boltless construction
  • 5-inch casters for effortless mobility
  • American made quality

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flat media tray cart 2

Clients rely on EGA precision engineering and manufacturing expertise to design and build custom tray carts like these, and other equipment that will meet the specific people-access, materials-handling, or storage needs of your industry and its processes—no matter how simple or complex your requirements.

THE CRAFTSMAN’S EYE – At EGA Products, hiring the best welders, machinists, and skilled tradesmen have paid off. In a world dominated by importers, EGA has held its own because it doubled down on a strategy to offer completely American Made material handling goods. Why? It matters to EGA, and it matters even more to their customers. Customers of EGA know they’re buying handcrafted goods they can count on because at EGA having an eye for craftsmanship is why we’re still here today.

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