Industrial Stairways; All Welded Access [Made in USA]

Industrial Stairs by EGA Products

Industrial stairways from EGA Products are made in the USA! This means that clients get the best quality industrial access stairs on the market, made by highly skilled and highly experienced metal tradesmen. Industrial stairs and platforms made by EGA are designed and built with the craftsman’s eye.

Custom IBC industrial warehouse stairway system with platform

Premium Industrial Metal Stairways

At EGA Products, hiring the best welders, machinists, and skilled tradesmen have paid off. In a world dominated by importers, EGA has held its own because it doubled down on a strategy to offer completely American Made material handling goods like these industrial metal stairs. Why? It matters to us that we are creating jobs in the United States and providing high quality material handling equipment. Customers of EGA can rest assured that they’re buying handcrafted goods they can count on.

The Industry Standard In Stairways And Rolling Ladders

Industrial access equipment serves a critical role as a workhorse of a well-oiled warehouse machine. They get the crew to where the work is. While a simple premise – safety, and stability are not always a given. That’s why choosing a high-quality American made industrial staircase pays off every time. Long lasting durability is the American made way. Industrial stairs by EGA meet OSHA requirements.

Custom Industrial Stairways

Galvanized industrial stairway with right side platform exit going into red building

As a manufacturer we are able to make custom industrial stairs. View an example of a custom industrial stair and platform.

Industrial Stairs come in a variety purposes

  • Catwalk stairs, often built to suit, are designed with space and access in mind – built to code and regulation.
  • Loft or mezzanine stairs are highly common in warehouse environments, maximizing overhead space that typically covers bathroom, office, locker, or other spaces common in an industrial environment.
  • Conveyor stairs can have two steps or 20 flights, with a design focus on safely accessing fast-moving roller equipment.
  • Custom fabricated ladders and stairs are built as needed to fit whatever space and work requirements that exist for the specific client.
  • No matter the purpose, we can design and build you or your customer’s industrial stairway

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