Industrial Stairways ∠36.4º (IS – SERIES)

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Industrial Stairways - Grip Strut
EGA # IS042-36
Weight (Lbs.)223
# Of Risers6
# Of Treads5
Total Run47.5
Total Rise42
Freight Class300
FOB: WI 53005Y
FOB: NC 28115Y
Product Description
Industrial Stairways ∠36.4º (IS – SERIES)

A 36-degree slope is considered the optimal rise for industrial staircases. This slope keeps the incline manageable and takes up a relatively small footprint in a floor-plan likely short on space.

Industrial Stairways have various purposesUp and Up Industrial Stairway System with Landing Platforms by EGA Products

  • Ship ladders – designed for shipyards and marine manufacturers, are often built with corrosive elements in mind.
  • Catwalk stairs – often built to suit, are designed with space and access in the mindset to code and regulation.
  • Loft or mezzanine stairs – highly common in warehouse environments, maximizing overhead space that typically covers bathroom, office, locker, or other spaces common in an industrial environment.
  • Conveyor stairs – can have two steps or 20 flights, with a design focus on safely accessing fast-moving roller equipment.
  • Custom fabricated ladders and stairs – are built as needed to fit whatever space and work requirements that exist for the specific client.

Create strong and reliable access to mezzanines, equipment, and elevated platforms with EGA Industrial Stairways.

EGA Industrial Stairway Features

  • All-welded construction ensures more strength and structural rigidity than conventional “bolt together” units—designed for 500 lb. moving load!
  • Units have 10″ channel stringers for enhanced stability, and 1-1/2″ square—tube handrails
  • Overall width is 39″
  • Stair treads are a generous 36″ wide and 9.5″ deep and feature technologically advanced Grip Strut® tread for slip-resistant footing.
    • Other widths are available
  • Standard grey enamel paint
  • Standard and custom rises and inclines available*
  • Compliant with OSHA or IBC standards


For an accurate quote please provide the following:Industrial Stairway with Platform OSHA Compliant - EGA Products

  • Total Rise (if not one of our standard sizes) or existing platform/walk-off height
  • Width of Steps (if not 36″)
  • Platform Needed?


IBC Compliant Stairways

IBC Industrial Stairways are also available upon request.  Please fill out a quote form for any IBC stairways or questions.

IBC Industrial Stairway - EGA Products


*Must comply with Industrial Stairways OSHA Standards 1910.25 

Industrial Stairways - Grip Strut

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