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Manufacturing Date [MD] and Model Number

Manufacturing Date Stick EGA Products Model Number

Determining your EGA Products model number:

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    Manufacturing Dates (MD):

    • The EGA Products MD number is the manufacturing date of the product
    • Black sticker as shown above
    • Listed as MD (Month,Year)
    • Examples: MD0518, MD 1019, MD 0220, MD1214

    Model Number:

    • Not listed on product
    • Examples: B05020HKD, VSS12, MVSS10EX, DS02


    List of all MD Numbers
    md0100 md0200 md0300 md0400 md0500 md0600 md0700 md0800 md0900 md1000 md1100 md1200 md0101 md0201 md0301 md0401 md0501 md0601 md0701 md0801 md0901 md1001 md1101 md1201 md0102 md0202 md0302 md0402 md0502 md0602 md0702 md0802 md0902 md1002 md1102 md1202 md0103 md0203 md0303 md0403 md0503 md0603 md0703 md0803 md0903 md1003 md1103 md1203 md0104 md0204 md0304 md0404 md0504 md0604 md0704 md0804 md0904 md1004 md1104 md1204 md0105 md0205 md0305 md0405 md0505 md0605 md0705 md0805 md0905 md1005 md1105 md1205 md0106 md0206 md0306 md0406 md0506 md0606 md0706 md0806 md0906 md1006 md1106 md1206 md0107 md0207 md0307 md0407 md0507 md0607 md0707 md0807 md0907 md1007 md1107 md1207 md0108 md0208 md0308 md0408 md0508 md0608 md0708 md0808 md0908 md1008 md1108 md1208 md0109 md0209 md0309 md0409 md0509 md0609 md0709 md0809 md0909 md1009 md1109 md1209 md0110 md0210 md0310 md0410 md0510 md0610 md0710 md0810 md0910 md1010 md1110 md1210 md0111 md0211 md0311 md0411 md0511 md0611 md0711 md0811 md0911 md1011 md1111 md1211 md0112 md0212 md0312 md0412 md0512 md0612 md0712 md0812 md0912 md1012 md1112 md1212 md0113 md0213 md0313 md0413 md0513 md0613 md0713 md0813 md0913 md1013 md1113 md1213 md0114 md0214 md0314 md0414 md0514 md0614 md0714 md0814 md0914 md1014 md1114 md1214 md0115 md0215 md0315 md0415 md0515 md0615 md0715 md0815 md0915 md1015 md1115 md1215 md0116 md0216 md0316 md0416 md0516 md0616 md0716 md0816 md0916 md1016 md1116 md1216 md0117 md0217 md0317 md0417 md0517 md0617 md0717 md0817 md0917 md1017 md1117 md1217 md0118 md0218 md0318 md0418 md0518 md0618 md0718 md0818 md0918 md1018 md1118 md1218 md0119 md0219 md0319 md0419 md0519 md0619 md0719 md0819 md0919 md1019 md1119 md1219 md0120 md0220 md0320 md0420 md0520 md0620 md0720 md0820 md0920 md1020 md1120 md1220 md0121 md0221 md0321 md0421 md0521 md0621 md0721 md0821 md0921 md1021 md1121 md1221 md0122 md0222 md0322 md0422 md0522 md0622 md0722 md0822 md0922 md1022 md1122 md1222 md0123 md0223 md0323 md0423 md0523 md0623 md0723 md0823 md0923 md1023 md1123 md1223 md0124 md0224 md0324 md0424 md0524 md0624 md0724 md0824 md0924 md1024 md1124 md1224 md0125 md0225 md0325 md0425 md0525 md0625 md0725 md0825 md0925 md1025 md1125 md1225