Coil Racks [Made in the USA]

Product Description
Coil Racks [Made in the USA]

EGA Coil Racks ensure easy and economical storage & handling of strip coil and wire, no matter what the size. Inclined longitudinal members safely cradle loads and prevent marking of stored materials. Designed to be easily transported by forklift to make operations efficient. Stackable to save space. Custom fabrication available. Make your product safe with EGA Coil Racks.

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Coil Racks

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Compare EGA # For Coil SizeStockLengthWidthO.A. HeightWeight (Lbs.)Lead Times (Days)Get QuotePrintEmail
CRS-4219 24"-30"Strip421936\"11020 Get Quote    
CRS-4222 34"-36"Strip42224212020 Get Quote    
CRS-4224 37"-42"Strip42244813020 Get Quote    
CRS-6019 24"-30"Coil60193612220 Get Quote    
CRS-6022 31"-36"Coil60224213220 Get Quote    
CRS-6024 37Coil60244814220 Get Quote    

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