Pallet Rack Bay Dividers [Made in the USA]

Product Description
Pallet Rack Bay Dividers [Made in the USA]
MD54-42 Pallet Rack M Divider Side and Top View on Pallet Racking by EGA ProductsPallet Rack M Divider on Pallet Rack by EGA Products

Pallet Rack M Dividers by EGA are the perfect solution for storing those bulky or tall products.

Pallet Rack M-Divider Features

  • Can be installed temporarily or permanently with pre-punched mounting holes
  • 54″H x 42″D 
  • Perfect for: pipes, lumber, mill-work, and other lengthy products
  • Made of 1″ diameter tubing for durable performance
  • Painted EGA yellow. Fits any 3″ rack beam
  • Model #: MD54-42

Other Sizes Available: Pallet Rack Dividers

Pallet Rack Bay Hanging D Divider Arms

We are also able to custom design and manufacture your hanging dividers whether they are M, D, or V dividers! Sizes are not limited to the one shown. Request for a quote today to see what we can do for you!

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Pallet Rack Bay Dividers

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Pallet Rack Bay M Divider MD54-42 by EGA Products

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