Pallet Rack Bay Dividers [Made in the USA]

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Pallet Rack Bay Dividers [Made in the USA]
MD54-42 Pallet Rack M Divider Side and Top View on Pallet Racking by EGA ProductsPallet Rack Bay M Divider MD54-42 by EGA ProductsEGA Products Pallet Rack M Divider

Pallet Rack M Dividers by EGA are the perfect solution for storing those bulky or tall products. Keep your pallet rack bays organized with pallet rack dividers manufactured by EGA Products.  Our standard M-Divider size fits 42″ deep pallet racks but we are able to make dividers for any size pallet racking!

Pallet Rack M-Divider Features

  • Can be installed temporarily or permanently with pre-punched mounting holes (13/32″ square)
  • 54″H x 42″D 
  • Perfect for: pipes, lumber, windows, doors, mattresses, and other lengthy products
  • Made of 1″ diameter tubing for durable performance
  • Painted EGA yellow. Fits any 3″ rack beam
  • Model #: MD54-42


Pallet rack m-dividers get their name for being in the shape of the letter “M”. Pallet rack m-dividers are used to separate product and keep vertical items from falling over.  They typically have two mounting brackets but sometimes have three depending on the style ordered.  The front edges of the m-divider are curved so there is no sharp edges that extend into an aisle or walkway.  Most dividers are made from 1″ tubing to provide strong support for any product that the pallet rack m-divider is separating.

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Custom Pallet Rack Dividers

Pallet Rack Bay Hanging D Divider Arms

We are also able to custom design and manufacture your hanging pallet rack dividers whether they are M, D, or V dividers!  Sizes are not limited to the one shown. Request for a quote today to see what we can do for you!

Hanging Pallet Rack M Divider

Pallet Rack Bay D Divider by EGA Products

Custom Yellow Pallet Rack D Divider by EGA Products


Custom D-Divider for pallet racking by EGA Products


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Pallet Rack Bay Dividers

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Pallet Rack Bay M Divider MD54-42 by EGA Products

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