Fixed Ladder Assortment [Made in the USA]

Fixed ladders, dock ladders, or wall-mounted ladders (caged or non-caged) are essential in any manufacturing workplace, warehouse, or factory floor that features multiple work platform or mezzanine levels. Workers need to regularly move up and down between platforms efficiently to do their job right and navigate the workplace.  The need for a fixed ladder may come in all shapes and sizes.  That is why we offer an industrial fixed ladder assortment to have a fixed ladder that will fit your space. From rung width to overall height, EGA vertical ladders will fit your application.

A mainstay at many industrial facilities, wall mounted ladders get workers where they need to be without causing concern for safety. Some fixed ladders come with cages or walk-through handrail extensions to provide extra safety and comfort while climbing.

Variety of vertical fixed ladders by EGA Products. Cage Ladder, vertical wall mount, loading dock ladder, side step, and walk through wall mount

Fixed ladders manufactured to your exact specifications

Made from high quality galvanized steel and tailored to your company’s exact specifications. EGA Products industrial fixed ladders meet or exceed OSHA requirements for fixed ladders and are built to last through rigorous, constant use. Our wall-mounted ladders are so effective, in fact, that some building and housing contractors have installed them in large window wells as a safety precaution. Their steel construction also guarantees the ladder will not wear down its durability or look over time.

Fixed, vertical, dock, and cage ladders

Our line of wall-mounted ladders includes dock ladders, fixed vertical and cage ladders, fixed dock ladders, two-step wall mounted ladders and wall-mounted walk through steel dock ladders. All are designed to meet 1910.23 – Ladders OSHA compliance standards, and all are built to last long past their price point. If you do not know which fixed vertical ladder is best for you, read our blog post on how to choose a fixed vertical ladder.

Fixed Vertical and Fixed Cage LaddersEGA Products fixed cage ladder model FC10

The most popular fixed ladders are fixed cage ladders or fixed vertical without cages. These stationary ladders mount to the wall and have extended handrails that also mount to the platform or landing surface. Vertical and cage ladders offer additional fixed ladder safety with security add-ons options of a security door panel or security gate for cage ladders.  Security panels work well if these ladders are used for an exterior ladder for roof access.  Outdoor elements can also damage and make steel ladder rust overtime, so it is recommended to get a galvanized fixed ladder for any outdoor applications.

Loading Dock Ladders

EGA Products also offers loading dock ladders for shorter heights.  Loading dock fixed ladders come in extended handrails, side-step, or walk-through wall mount yellow dock ladder.  Each dock ladder allows you to safely climb and maneuver elevated loading dock work areas. Available in steel or safety yellow.

Vertical Warehouse Fixed Ladders

Vertical warehouse ladders are ideal for interior warehouse applications. Available in steel or stainless steel with rungs that are 16” wide. Warehouse vertical ladders with 16” wide rungs take up less space in the workplace but still provide a safe vertical access solution. Flared handrail extensions are an option on these ladders as well. The ladder is secured to the wall by floor mount brackets and wall mount wall brackets.

Two step wall mounted ladder steps by EGA Products. Model number is WML

WML – Two Step Wall Mounted Ladder Steps

Two-Step Steel Wall Mounted Steps

Another unique option that we have are two-step steel wall mounted steps.  These steps work great in the warehouse when you need to step up a short distance and do not necessarily need a taller ladder.  The WML has a 12” tread rise and 18” wide treads. Easily mounts to the wall with four ¾” mounting holes.

Manufacturer of Material Handling Equipment

EGA Products fixed ladders or dock ladders can be aligned with any elevated swing gate or work platform, and include a cage as needed. EGA also offers numerous ladder accessories, including caster kits, swing gates, handrails, and other industrial-quality products required in a factory or manufacturing setting. We also offer replacement parts and unbeatable customer service.

Give us a call at 262-781-7899 or request a quote today to see how EGA Products can make your workplace better for you and your employees. We also custom fabricate any fixed ladder or cage ladder to your exact specifications.