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Equipment Maintenance Access Platforms

EGA Products was commissioned by a world renowned manufacturer of tantalum and electrolytic capacitors. The challenge was to develop an exceptionally durable, elevated Operations Platform or their chemical wash station that could withstand heavy production schedules and multiple personnel usage. The operations platform must also be ergonomically efficient while simultaneously maintaining OSHA, ANSI, and local standards for workplace safety.

Analyzing the time/motion and proprietary requirements surrounding the chemical wash operation, EGA engineers designed an elevated platform made of heavy gauge steel with welded construction. Guard railing is placed as necessary to protect workers, but careful design attention ensures that select areas adjacent to the machinery are left open and unencumbered for ease of operation.

Other features include:

  • Slip-resistant grip-strut decking and stair treads
  • Customized paint scheme to complement both the company’s internal and external branding

EGA Equipment Maintenance Platforms are available with stainless steel construction or offered in a variety of finishes, including:

  • Painted enamel
  • Powder coat
  • Hot-dipped galvanized
  • And more

Typical industrial applications: chemical, electronic, manufactured goods, metalworking

Standard Work Access Platforms

EGA also has standard equipment maintenance work access platforms that are modular and come in various heights. Our custom work platforms are used to create safe steps up to higher location, secure access to equipment for maintenance, or provide a crossover solution.

two employees wearing safety hi vez vests using a custom work platform crossover in a warehouse or factory
industrial warehouse custom work platform used to step up


If we can do this for them, what might we do for you?

Rely on EGA precision engineering and manufacturing expertise to design and build custom operations platforms like these, and other equipment that will meet the specific people-access, materials-handling, or storage needs of your industry and its processes—no matter how simple or complex your requirements.

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