Stationary Platforms & Crossovers

Stationary Industrial Platforms and Crossover Ladders from EGA Products help improve time-and-motion efficiency. Platforms and crossovers can serve as machinery access, a safe vantage point for in-process inspection, or a walkway for employees.

How to Choose an Industrial Crossover or Platform

When it comes to selecting the right industrial platform or crossover, start with a detailed analysis of the work that’s being performed and the space available. For crossovers, make sure to know what clearance height and width you will need for your application. For platforms, knowing the length, width, and height of the platform that you need is important to make sure that it will fit your application’s needs.

Types of Treads

  • Perforated – EZY Tread
    • EZY Tread is a perforated tread that is great for clean working environments and is considered the most common tread type. It is less aggressive than Grip Strut tread.
  • Serrated – Grip Strut
    • Grip Strut tread is ideal for dirty work environments where dirt and debris may build up on the steps of a ladder. The open design makes it easier to clean but is considered a highly aggressive tread.

OSHA Compliant Industrial Work & Equipment Access Platforms

EGA’s American Made stationary platforms and crossover ladders also improve the safety of employees that need to transit quickly above workplace obstacles such as:

  • Pipelines
  • Conveyors
  • Duct-work
  • Assembly Lines

Built to meet and exceed OSHA regulations, EGA’s durable access equipment offers a sure footing in a fast-paced industrial world.

Every Adjustable Height Platform, Access Platform, Custom Work Platform, and Steel Step Stool in the EGA catalog is made in the USA. It’s a commitment to building things here in the US that has allowed EGA to boast a reputation for the highest quality equipment in their industry.
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