Stationary Platforms & Crossovers

Stationary Platforms and Crossover Ladders from EGA Products help improve time-and-motion efficiency. whether serving as an industrial machine stand or providing a safe vantage point for in-process inspection, the highly versatile work platforms and crossovers from EGA have become a mainstay in manufacturing centers across the US.

How to Choose a Crossover or Platform

MEASURE UP – When it comes to selecting the right platform or crossover apparatus, start with a detailed analysis of the work that’s being performed and the space available. Beyond getting a step up, it’s about getting the adequate access without impeding another workflow. It’s the old adage reformulate – measure twice, order once. Fortunately, EGA offers unmatched client support to ensure the right ladder, platform, etc. is the only ladder that’s acquired.

FEATURES – Pick the ideal tread. EGA offers Anti-slip rubber, EZY-tread, and Grip Strut steps.

  • EZY Tread Items made with perforated EZY Tread ® are designed to provide just enough grip to lock the foot in place, while still allowing the autonomy to work freely. EZY Tread won’t wear down like the completion’s imported rubber-like material, and it performs well in concert with a multitude of work footwear.
  • GRIP STRUT TREAD – Grip Strut Step Tread is a patented technology for safety grating that’s durable, and has rust-resisting properties. Standard mill-galvanized finish prevents corrosion to give lasting surfaces. The serrated surface can grip boot/shoe soles securely in all directions. The open design makes it easier to clean, and the non-slip patented technology is perfect for inside or outside, where a multitude of hazards can otherwise cause dangerous work conditions.
  • Rubber Tread – Not all rubber is made equal. Lesser rubber materials will crack and crumble after short-term use. EGA builds products for long-term use, so the use of a flimsy rubber wouldn’t make sense.

OSHA Compliant Work & Access Platforms

EGA’s American Made stationary platforms and crossover ladders also improve the safety of employees that need to transit quickly above workplace obstacles such as:

  • Pipelines
  • Conveyors
  • Duct-work
  • Assembly Lines

Built to meet and exceed OSHA regulations, EGA’s durable access equipment offers a sure footing in a fast-paced industrial world.

Every Adjustable Height Platform, Access Platform, Custom Work Platform, and Steel Step Stool in the EGA catalog is made in the USA. It’s a commitment to building things here in the US that has allowed EGA to boast a reputation for the highest quality equipment in their industry.
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