Industrial Steel Bulk Bin Storage Containers

Product Description
Industrial Steel Bulk Bin Storage Containers
ega products bulk industrial wire mesh container - visualtainerindustrial bulk containers stackable stack rack pallet

EGA industrial steel storage containers can hold materials safely and efficiently in the warehouse. These industrial stackable bulk containers can be custom designed to your requirements.  EGA portable stack racks are also available without side walls and an open frame.

EGA Bulk Storage Containers Features:

When you need bulk containers that handle your assets, allows you to stack, gives you customized industry storage, the choice becomes easy. EGA’s durable containers hold bulk goods high up on pallet racks, or on the ground. Wherever needed, these bulk containers work for you.

  • Stackable (Max: 6 High)
    • Standard height 24″ or 30″H
  • Portable
  • High Capacity: 2,000 or 4,000 lbs
  • Standard or Custom Designs

EGA Visualtainers™ – Industrial Wire Mesh Steel Containers

No more looking up at racks and trying to guess what’s inside. EGA Visualtainers™ let you see your inventory so that you can keep adequate parts close to the production line—a practice crucial to today’s JIT production processes. The industrial heavy duty wire pallet baskets are able to be stacked six high (depending on height) at a rated capacity of either 2,000 or 4,000 lbs. Available in both standard and custom designs.

EGA Products industrial bulk storage container - visualtainer see through pallet storage

Solid-Sided Dunnage Containers

Store your smaller items or granular materials in EGA Solid-Sided Dunnage Containers. Available with corrugated or flat sides in 7- through 16-gauge steel. Standard sizes are offered in height increments of two inches. Floor clearance ranges from 4 to 12 inches. Top flanges can be turned in or out depending on your application. Send your custom specifications and we’ll return standard quotes within one business day. More complex or higher-quantity quotes may take 2-3 business days.

industrial bulk containers stackable stack rack pallet


Bulk Containers - Solid-Sided Dunnage

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Bulk Containers - Visualtainer

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ega products bulk industrial wire mesh container - visualtainer

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