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EGA Products, Inc. – American Made Material Handling & Storage Equipment

At some point, making things here in the United States became a virtuous task left for the highest of high-end goods. The pendulum has swung back, though, as Americans are now keenly aware of the greater purpose to ‘America First.’ EGA Products have always been Made in the USA for over 40+ years.

Certainly, as some manufacturers have shown, EGA Products could’ve seen short-term gains by importing their products. However, that’s not the expectation or interest of the clientele EGA serves. Clients, near and far, come to EGA for the best craftsman ship in the world. The only place to get that craftsmanship is here in the US.

It’s about customer service. Beyond making quality goods that last a long time, providing a sturdy work platform, and rolling around warehouse floors with efficient ease, EGA also prides itself on its custom design department. A team of engineers and designers work in concert with Account Managers and clients to deliver the best possible work solution. It’s what the client needs most to get the best return on investment.

There’s ROI in American made. Beyond the triumphant before it was cool statements, analysis has proven that American made rolling stairs, rolling ladder platforms, etc. have the best bang for the buck. Again, it’s with the client in mind that this notion is a reality for EGA Products.

Whether your application requires custom or off-the-shelf components, EGA Products is your one-stop manufacturing source for people-access, materials-handling, and equipment-storage systems. Advanced design and manufacturing processes include square-tube technology, which enhances structural stability, resiliency, and strength. EGA’s engineering and manufacturing teams will custom-design equipment to suit your unique facility or process.

EGA Products, Inc. Manufacturing Locations

We have two manufacturing facilities, one in Wisconsin and another in North Carolina.

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Manufacturing facilities in Wisconsin and North Carolina