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Stack Racks


Stacking Racks

Returnable stack racks allow you to optimize your
warehouse to its full potential.
See how EGA can improve your warehouse storage.


By Design

Returnable equipment racks

Collaspsing Returnable Equipment Racks offer large capacilities for storing and transporting components

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By Design

Rolling Ladders

Rolling ladders from EGA Products provide easy portability in and around your workplace

High Quality Rolling Ladders and other Material Handling Equipment

At EGA Products, hiring the best welders, machinists, and skilled tradesmen has paid off. In a world dominated by importers, EGA has held its own because it doubled down on a strategy to offer completely American Made material handling goods. That is why our rolling ladders and all EGA products are the highest quality on the market.

Superior American Quality

The metal craftsman has a home at EGA because attention to detail and customization are foundations to providing customers with the best possible product to suit their needs. EGA Products manufactures all of their rolling stairs, work platforms, material handling equipment, and asset storage systems to meet specific customer needs. All products are manufactured in Wisconsin or North Carolina.

EGA Products – Industrial Manufacturer

EGA Products is a world-class manufacturer of American Made goods for demanding industrial environments. Every item in the EGA product line, big or small, has been conceived through customer need. Warehouse rolling ladders, fixed ladders, work platforms, step stools, and more have been sourced through a design to suit mentality.

Custom Product Solutions

Customized solutions is what sets EGA apart. Our team of engineers and welders give you the ability to design and build on-demand as needed. EGA’s team of expert engineers, designers, and welders can custom fabricate a product to fit your exact specifications. Request for a quote today, and see how EGA can solve your custom product needs.

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