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Die Shelves for Pallet Rack Beams

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Die Shelves for Pallet Rack Beams - 2,500 Lbs. Capacity [Made in USA]
EGA # M25DS-3034-LD
Freight Class70
FOB: WI 53005Y
FOB: NC 28115n/a
Lead Times (Days)In Stock
Product Description
Die Shelves for Pallet Rack Beams

Pallet racking systems made by EGA are used by EGA, and EGA’s die shelves for pallet racks are among the most utilized items at EGA. featuring solid sheet steel decks for increased strength and utility of existing pallet rack systems. Designed for standard 1 5/8″ step beams, these die shelves feature a 2,500 lb. capacity and EGA Gray Powder Coat finish. Custom designs and colors are available. Send us your RFQ today!

Why EGA Products?

EGA has a long standing reputation for value and dependability. The kind of value one expects when purchasing pallet rack equipment built with all-welded construction by the best welders and skilled tradesmen right here in the US. Always made in the USA, EGA Products are the best because they are made by the best. Why not choose the best pallet rack shelving?

EGA Products has two production facilities – in Wisconsin and North Carolina.

Die Shelves for Pallet Rack Beams - 2,500 Lbs. Capacity [Made in USA]

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industrial pallet shelving

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M25DS-3034-LD 30"34"In Stock Get Quote    
M25DS-3046-LD 30"46"In Stock Get Quote    
M25DS-3058-LD 30"58"In Stock Get Quote    
M25DS-3634-LD 36"34"In Stock Get Quote    
M25DS-3646-LD 36"46"In Stock Get Quote    
M25DS-3658-LD 36"58"In Stock Get Quote    
M25DS-4234-LD 42"34"In Stock Get Quote    
M25DS-4246-LD 42"46"In Stock Get Quote    
M25DS-4258-LD 42"58"In Stock Get Quote    
M25DS-4834-LD 48"34"In Stock Get Quote    
M25DS-4846-LD 48"46"In Stock Get Quote    
M25DS-4858-LD 48"58"In Stock Get Quote    

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