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Custom Work Platforms (CW – SERIES) [Made in the USA]

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Custom Work Platforms
EGA # CW3-21-2-3
Platform Height21
Platform Length39
Platform Width36
Overall Height55"
Overall Length57
Overall Width39"
Freight Class70
FOB: WI 53005n/a
FOB: NC 28115Y
Lead Times (Days)5
Product Description
Custom Work Platforms (CW – SERIES) [Made in the USA]
Office Ladders Square Tube Stock Picking Ladders EZY Climb
CW0-27-0-3 CW1-27-3-3 CW2-27-3-3 CW3-27-2-3
Office Ladders Square Tube Stock Picking Ladders EZY Climb
CW4-27-3-3 CW5-27-3-3 CW6-27-3-3 CW7-27-3-3
Office Ladders Square Tube
CW8-27-3-3 CW9-27-3-3







EGA Custom Work Platforms allow clients to choose the style, height, and configuration that perfectly meets their commercial or industrial applications.

Modular work platforms from EGA Products have up to 500 lbs. capacity and all custom work platforms, regardless of dimensions and purpose, meet or exceed OSHA standards. Safety and practicality are key components of any EGA design-build concept. The custom work platform concept features virtually limitless and flexible design configuration possibilities enables clientele to build large multi-height work platforms that surround machinery or span entire factory or warehouse floor spaces.

Tips for custom work platform module selection:

  • Attach same-height lift extension units to select platforms to add 3 feet of width, or units of different height to create step-down areas for easier access to work sites.
  • High-quality extension units allow you to add up to 3 feet width to any platform.
  • Rigid 1 1/4″ round tubing provides superb construction strength and durability.
  • Steps are 36″ wide and 9 1/2″ deep with the deeper platform at the top for added stability.
  • Features technologically advanced Grip Strut® tread for slip resistant footing and easy maintenance.
  • Contact our customer service for more information about our product and equipment offerings, or Request a Quote to order a custom work platform now.

We also carry many other items and parts related to work platforms, including rolling ladders, mobile work platforms, and assembly floor work platforms, all of which are designed to boost efficiency, systemically improve workflow, and boost your bottom line.

Custom Work Platforms

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industrial work platform

Compare EGA # Style# Of StepsOverall WidthOverall LengthOverall HeightPlatform WidthPlatform LengthPlatform HeightLead Times (Days)WeightGet QuotePrintEmail
CW0-21-0-3 0N/A39"3921"363921570 Get Quote    
CW0-27-0-3 0N/A39"3927"363927574 Get Quote    
CW0-33-0-3 0N/A39"3933"363933574 Get Quote    
CW0-39-0-3 0N/A39"3939"363939578 Get Quote    
CW0-45-0-3 0N/A39"3945"363945578 Get Quote    
CW1-21-2-3 1239"5721"363921570 Get Quote    
CW1-21-2-6 1239"9521"3677215142 Get Quote    
CW1-33-3-3 1339"5733"363933574 Get Quote    
CW1-33-3-6 1339"9533"3677335150 Get Quote    
CW2-21-2-3 2239"4855"363921570 Get Quote    
CW2-21-2-6 2239"8655"3677215142 Get Quote    
CW3-21-2-3 3239"5755"363921570 Get Quote    
CW3-21-2-6 3239"9555"3677215142 Get Quote    
CW4-21-2-3 4239"4855"363921570 Get Quote    
CW4-21-2-6 4239"8655"3677215142 Get Quote    
CW5-27-3-3 5339"5761"363927574 Get Quote    
CW5-27-3-6 5339"9561"3677275150 Get Quote    
CW5-33-3-3 5339"5767"363933574 Get Quote    
CW5-33-3-6 5339"9567"3677335150 Get Quote    
CW6-33-3-3 6339"7567"363933574 Get Quote    
CW6-33-3-6 6339"11367"3677335150 Get Quote    
CW6-45-4-3 6439"9379"363945578 Get Quote    
CW6-45-4-6 6439"13179"3677455158 Get Quote    
CW7-27-3-3 7339"5761"363927574 Get Quote    
CW7-27-3-6 7339"9561"3677275150 Get Quote    
CW7-33-3-3 7339"5767"363933574 Get Quote    
CW7-33-3-6 7339"9567"3677335150 Get Quote    
CW7-45-4-3 7439"6679"363945578 Get Quote    
CW7-45-4-6 7439"10479"3677455158 Get Quote    
CW8-39-4-3 8439"6673"363939578 Get Quote    
CW8-39-4-6 8439"10473"3677395158 Get Quote    
CW8-45-4-3 8439"6679"363945578 Get Quote    
CW8-45-4-6 8439"10479"3677455158 Get Quote    
CW9-33-3-3 9339"7567"363933574 Get Quote    
Dual Access Custom Work Platform [Made in the USA]

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work platform

Compare EGA # Style# Of StepsOverall WidthOverall LengthOverall HeightPlatform WidthPlatform LengthPlatform HeightLead Times (Days)WeightGet QuotePrintEmail
CW9-33-3-6 9339"11367"3677335150 Get Quote    

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