Mobile Aluminum Work Platforms ∠60º (A – SERIES)

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Mobile Aluminum Work Platforms - Aluminum Ribbed Channel
EGA # A001H
Weight (Lbs.)38
Overall W x L x H27x47x52
Tread Widths24"
# Of Steps2
Platform W x D (in)24x36
Platform H (in)20
Hand RailsY
Freight Class150-300
FOB: WI 53005Y
FOB: NC 28115n/a
Lead Times (Days)10
Product Description
Mobile Aluminum Work Platforms ∠60º (A – SERIES)

Aluminum Mobile Work Platforms from EGA Products provide a secure work space at a variety of different heights. The mobility provided by the heavy-duty casters means not only can you reach what you need, you can also get to where the out of reach work needs to be done. All EGA Products aluminum work platforms are extremely durable on top of being weather and corrosion resistant.

Lightweight in the best way possible, the space-age aluminum used by EGA Products packs a punch. It’s a stable, solid work surface that will hold its own to weather and corrosion. Coming to you fully assembled, rolling work platform is ready to work! Aluminum is an ideal choice for lightweight portability. Portable work platforms come in all kinds of materials, weights, and qualities.

Use is easy as well, as the rubber-tipped legs grip securely to the floor when the work platform is in use, creating a stable, safety conscious work environment.

Lastly, who wouldn’t want American Made when safety is on the line? EGA has two all-American manufacturing centers, cranking out the best quality material handling goods on the market.


Aluminum Work Platform Features

  • Steps are 7″ deep. Choose 35-, 45-, or 49-inch platform depth
  • Choose Solid Ribbed Extruded step or technologically advanced Grip Strut® tread for slip resistant footing
  • Available with or without handrails
  • Up to 300 lbs capacity
  • Meets or exceeds OSHA standards


Aluminum Platform Properties

  • Lightweight
  • Strong
  • Non-corrosive
  • Non-sparking
  • Non-magnetic
  • Surprisingly flexible

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Mobile Aluminum Work Platforms - Aluminum Ribbed Channel

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rolling platform ladder

Compare EGA # Hand RailsPlatform H (in)Platform W x D (in)# Of StepsTread WidthsOverall W x L x HWeight (Lbs.)Lead Times (Days)Get QuotePrintEmail
A001 N2024x36224"27x47x203810 Get Quote    
A001H Y2024x36224"27x47x523810 Get Quote    
A002 N2024x42224"27x54x204210 Get Quote    
A002H Y2024x42224"27x54x524210 Get Quote    
A003 N2024x48224"27x61x204510 Get Quote    
A003H Y2024x48224"27x61x524510 Get Quote    
A004 N3024x36324"27x53x304810 Get Quote    
A004H Y3024x36324"27x53x624810 Get Quote    
A005 N3024x42324"27x60x305110 Get Quote    
A005H Y3024x42324"27x60x625110 Get Quote    
A006 N3024x48324"27x67x305510 Get Quote    
A006H Y3024x48324"27x67x625510 Get Quote    
A007 N4024x36424"27x59x405710 Get Quote    
A007H Y4024x36424"27x59x725710 Get Quote    
A008 N4024x42424"27x66x406010 Get Quote    
A008H Y4024x42424"27x66x726010 Get Quote    
A009 N4024x48424"27x73x406410 Get Quote    
A009H Y4024x48424"27x73x726410 Get Quote    
Mobile Aluminum Work Platforms - Grip Strut

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aluminum portable work platform ladder

Compare EGA # Hand RailsPlatform H (in)Platform W x D (in)# Of StepsTread WidthsOverall W x L x HWeight (Lbs.)Lead Times (Days)Get QuotePrintEmail
A010 N2024x36224"27x47x203810 Get Quote    
A010H Y2024x36224"27x47x523810 Get Quote    
A011 N2024x42224"27x54x204210 Get Quote    
A011H Y2024x42224"27x54x524210 Get Quote    
A012 N2024x48224"27x61x204510 Get Quote    
A012H Y2024x48224"27x61x524510 Get Quote    
A013 N3024x36324"27x53x304810 Get Quote    
A013H Y3024x36324"27x53x624810 Get Quote    
A014 N3024x42324"27x60x305110 Get Quote    
A014H Y3024x42324"27x60x625110 Get Quote    
A015 N3024x48324"27x67x305510 Get Quote    
A015H Y3024x48324"27x67x625510 Get Quote    
A016 N4024x36424"27x59x405710 Get Quote    
A016H Y4024x36424"27x59x725710 Get Quote    
A017 N4024x42424"27x66x406010 Get Quote    
A017H Y4024x42424"27x66x726010 Get Quote    
A018 N4024x48424"27x73x406410 Get Quote    
A018H Y4024x48424"27x73x726410 Get Quote    

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