Vertical Wall Mount Ladders (VMS & VSS – SERIES)

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Mild-Steel Vertical Ladders (VMS-SERIES)
Weight (Lbs.)99
Overall Height144''
For Wall Heights12'
# Of Rungs12
FOB: NC 28115Y
Freight Class150
Lead Times (Days)5
Product Description
Vertical Wall Mount Ladders (VMS & VSS – SERIES)
vertical ladder wall mountedVMS-10-EX Vertical Wall Mount Steel Ladder by EGA Products

Vertical Wall Mount Fixed ladders from EGA Products are proudly made in the USA! That means clients of EGA get the sort of handcrafted quality that’s made American Made synonymous with a top-notch standard in all things manufacturing. These wall mounted ladders from EGA feature all welded construction in either steel or stainless steel.

At EGA Products, hiring the best welders, machinists, and skilled tradesmen is one of our core beliefs.  We take pride in American manufacturing and quality. When you buy EGA, you can count on it being the highest quality products that are “built to last”, right here in America.


EGA’s Wall Mounted Ladder Features

  • All-welded construction
  • 300 lbs. Capacity
  • Ladders available in steel or stainless steel
  • Single diamond grip-strut rungs. Rungs are 16″ wide spaced 12″ vertically.
  • First rung is 9″ off the ground. Top rung is 3″ below side rails (no extension)
  • Flat bar stock side rails
  • Flared handrails available on all models that extend 42″ above the top rung. Inside width of 25″
  • All models have floor mount legs and bolt-on standoff brackets
    • Steel and stainless steel models 8′ & 10′ have (1) set of standoff brackets; all other models come with (2) sets.
    • Brackets are 7″ from the wall to the ladder
Stainless Steel Vertical Ladders (VSS SERIES)

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aluminum wall mounted ladder

Compare EGA # # Of RungsFor Wall HeightsRAIL EXTENSIONSOverall HeightLead Times (Days)Weight (Lbs.)Get QuotePrintEmail
MVSS10EX 1010'Y159"5106 Get Quote    
MVSS12EX 1212'Y183"5123 Get Quote    
MVSS14EX 1414'Y207"5139 Get Quote    
MVSS16EX 1616'Y231"5154 Get Quote    
MVSS8EX 88'Y135''590 Get Quote    
VSS10 1010'N120"581 Get Quote    
VSS12 1212'N144''599 Get Quote    
VSS14 1414'N168"5114 Get Quote    
VSS16 1616'N192"5129 Get Quote    
VSS8 88'N96"565 Get Quote    
Mild-Steel Vertical Ladders (VMS-SERIES)

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Vertical Fixed Ladder with Handrail Extensions - VMS8EX

Compare EGA # # Of RungsFor Wall HeightsRAIL EXTENSIONSOverall HeightLead Times (Days)Weight (Lbs.)Get QuotePrintEmail
MVMS10EX 1010'Y159"5106 Get Quote    
MVMS12EX 1212'Y183"5123 Get Quote    
MVMS14EX 1414'Y207"5139 Get Quote    
MVMS16EX 1616'Y231"5154 Get Quote    
MVMS8EX 88'Y135''590 Get Quote    
VMS10 1010'N120"581 Get Quote    
VMS12 1212'N144''599 Get Quote    
VMS14 1414'N168"5114 Get Quote    
VMS16 1616'N192"5129 Get Quote    
VMS8 88'N96"565 Get Quote