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Portable Stacking Racks

Product Description
Portable Stacking Racks

EGA Portable Stacking Racks are a versatile answer to your ever-changing storage, handling, or transporting needs, allowing materials to move through your entire production process…all on the same rack…even heavy or irregular-shaped pieces that cannot normally be stacked atop one another!

Their plug/post joint systems afford superior stacking stability over commonplace wood pallets while providing comparable weight capacities. And when not in use, portable racks can be broken down for convenient compact storage, freeing up floor space that would otherwise be cluttered with bulky, permanent rack systems.

EGA engineers have extensive experience designing portable stacking racks for virtually every type of commercial or industrial application, including: textiles, wire coils, automotive parts, tires, and more.

Available in open frame, wood, steel, welded wire mesh, or perforated steel decks. Standard portable rack sizes change in 6″ increments—or can be custom manufactured to any size.

Ideal for both inter- and intra-plant materials movement. And custom engineering is available for over-the-road shipping, product protection, and other strategic transportation needs.

Construction Features

  • Welded tubular and structural steel construction provides superior load-carrying strength, up to 2,000 lbs. (standard duty) or 4,000 lbs. (heavy-duty).
  • Standard target is 4″ square tube and mounted on removable stacking posts.
  • Standard end or side frames is a steel framework of horizontal and vertical angles welded between pairs of posts.
  • Standard post is 1 1/2″ square tube on 2000 lbs. capacity units and 2.17″ square tube on 4000 lbs. units.
  • Standard plug is base mounted.

Convenience Features

  • Designed for forklift handling with Two-Way, Four-Way, or Full Four-Way accessibility
  • Wide range of bases, sides, and ends allow virtually unlimited configurations.
  • Portability promotes flexible plant layout—change size, shape, and location of storage areas as space or workloads dictate.
  • Return more empties in less space.
  • Coil racks, fixed posts, inter-stacking with existing units, and nestable racks.


  • Floor skid runners for unit conveyability.
  • Fork stirrups or pockets to prevent shifting of racks on fork tines.

Need a custom design? Send us your RFQ!

Portable Stacking Racks - 2000 LBS - 2 WAY

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Compare EGA # W x LWt. Lb.Height Over DeckGet QuotePrintEmail
RB2-3042 30x4236- Get Quote    
RB2-3048 30x4840- Get Quote    
RB2-3054 30x5444- Get Quote    
RB2-3060 30x6047- Get Quote    
RB2-3642 36x4238- Get Quote    
RB2-3648 36x4842- Get Quote    
RB2-3654 36x5445- Get Quote    
RB2-3660 36x6049- Get Quote    
RB2-4242 42x4240- Get Quote    
RB2-4254 42x5447- Get Quote    
RB2-4260 42x6051- Get Quote    
RB2-4848 48x4845- Get Quote    
RB2-4854 48x5449- Get Quote    
RB2-4860 48x6053- Get Quote    
Portable Stacking Racks - 2000 LBS - 4 WAY

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Compare EGA # W x LWt. Lb.Height Over DeckGet QuotePrintEmail
RB4-3042 30x4240- Get Quote    
RB4-3048 30x4844- Get Quote    
RB4-3054 30x5448- Get Quote    
RB4-3060 30x6052- Get Quote    
RB4-3642 36x4243- Get Quote    
RB4-3648 36x4847- Get Quote    
RB4-3654 36x5453- Get Quote    
RB4-3660 36x6055- Get Quote    
RB4-4242 42x4246- Get Quote    
RB4-4254 42x5454- Get Quote    
RB4-4260 42x6058- Get Quote    
RB4-4848 48x4853- Get Quote    
RB4-4854 48x5457- Get Quote    
RB4-4860 48x6061- Get Quote    
Portable Stacking Racks - 4000 LBS - 2 WAY

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Compare EGA # W x LWt. Lb.Height Over DeckGet QuotePrintEmail
RC2-3042 30x4242- Get Quote    
RC2-3048 30x4846- Get Quote    
RC2-3054 30x5451- Get Quote    
RC2-3060 30x6060- Get Quote    
RC2-3642 36x4244- Get Quote    
RC2-3648 36x4848- Get Quote    
RC2-3654 36x5453- Get Quote    
RC2-3660 36x6062- Get Quote    
RC2-4242 42x4247- Get Quote    
RC2-4254 42x5455- Get Quote    
RC2-4260 42x6064- Get Quote    
RC2-4848 48x4853- Get Quote    
RC2-4854 48x5457- Get Quote    
RC2-4860 48x6066- Get Quote    
Portable Stacking Racks - 4000 LBS - 4 WAY

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Compare EGA # W x LWt. Lb.Height Over DeckGet QuotePrintEmail
RC4-3042 30x4246- Get Quote    
RC4-3048 30x4850- Get Quote    
RC4-3054 30x5461- Get Quote    
RC4-3060 30x6065- Get Quote    
RC4-3642 36x4249- Get Quote    
RC4-3648 36x4853- Get Quote    
RC4-3654 36x5465- Get Quote    
RC4-3660 36x6069- Get Quote    
RC4-4242 42x4260- Get Quote    
RC4-4254 42x5468- Get Quote    
RC4-4260 42x6072- Get Quote    
RC4-4848 48x4867- Get Quote    
RC4-4854 48x5472- Get Quote    
RC4-4860 48x6076- Get Quote    
Removable Corner Posts - 2000 LBS

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Compare EGA # W x LWt. Lb.Height Over DeckGet QuotePrintEmail
2CP18 -1918 Get Quote    
2CP20 -2020 Get Quote    
2CP22 -2122 Get Quote    
2CP24 -2224 Get Quote    
2CP26 -2426 Get Quote    
2CP28 -2528 Get Quote    
2CP30 -2630 Get Quote    
2CP32 -2832 Get Quote    
2CP34 -2934 Get Quote    
2CP36 -3036 Get Quote    
2CP38 -3238 Get Quote    
2CP40 -3340 Get Quote    
2CP44 -35*44 Get Quote    
2CP46 -36*46 Get Quote    
2CP48 -37*48 Get Quote    
2CP50 -40*50 Get Quote    
2CP52 -41*52 Get Quote    
2CP54 -43*54 Get Quote    
2CP56 -44*56 Get Quote    
2CP58 -46*58 Get Quote    
2CP60 -47**60 Get Quote    
Removable Corner Posts - 4000 LBS

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Compare EGA # W x LWt. Lb.Height Over DeckGet QuotePrintEmail
4CP18 -2518 Get Quote    
4CP20 -2720 Get Quote    
4CP22 -2922 Get Quote    
4CP24 -3124 Get Quote    
4CP26 -3326 Get Quote    
4CP28 -3528 Get Quote    
4CP30 -3730 Get Quote    
4CP32 -3932 Get Quote    
4CP34 -4134 Get Quote    
4CP36 -4336 Get Quote    
4CP38 -4538 Get Quote    
4CP40 -4740 Get Quote    
4CP44 -49*44 Get Quote    
4CP46 -51*46 Get Quote    
4CP48 -55*48 Get Quote    
4CP50 -57*50 Get Quote    
4CP52 -59*52 Get Quote    
4CP54 -61*54 Get Quote    
4CP56 -62*56 Get Quote    
4CP58 -64*58 Get Quote    
4CP60 -66**60 Get Quote    

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