Ezy-Flow Battery Racks [Made in the USA]

EGA Ezy-Flow Battery Racks offer you more flexibility, options, and quality at a better price. Just like a gravity flow rack, our battery racks are ideal for protecting and updating inventory, accessing heavy products, and saving floor space. Available in capacities from 1,600 lbs. to 4,000 lbs.

Common Uses for Battery Racks: work-in-progress storage, assembly line workstations, and warehouse picking operations.

Gravity Flow Rack

Designed for rear loading and front unloading to assure FIFO stocking. Only a slight push starts items down the optional glide track, and a steel safety bumper prevents products from falling off.

You can begin with one rack, and then expand by using economical add-on units to increase storage capacity. Shipped knocked down to save you shipping costs. Assembly is fast and easy with fully illustrated instructions.

Battery Rack Construction Features

  • Available in capacities from 1,600 lbs. to 4,000 lbs
  • Steel framework protectively surrounds contents
  • Storage levels adjustable in 3″ vertical increments
  • Lane widths adjustable in 1/2″ increments

Convenience Features

  • Visual lane zoned inventory helps locate desired items and minimizes over-ordering or stock-outs
  • Stock can be easily replaced
  • Single off-loading minimizes the chance of product damage by mishandling

Gravity Flow Rack Options

  • All EGA Ezy-Flow Racks offer glide track, which is standard with all shipments. Replacement track can be easily installed in the field
  • Take-off shelf assures easy, bump-free exit from glide track as contents are braked to a stop
  • Horizontal wood shelves add a storage level on standard units (N/A on M-360)
  • Load shelves
  • Unload shelves
  • Add on units

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EGA # STO0010