Aluminum Work Platforms [Made in the USA]

Aluminum work platforms offer lightweight agility in fast paced industrial environments, while also providing a strong rolling ladder platform that holds up to the demanding physical tests provided by industrial environments.

The craftsman’s eye means you get the best aluminum work platform

At EGA Products, hiring the best welders, machinists, and skilled tradesmen has paid off. In a world dominated by importers, EGA has held its own because it doubled down on a strategy to offer completely American Made material handling goods. Why? It matters to EGA, and it matters even more to their clientele. Clients of EGA know they’re buying handcrafted goods they can count on because at EGA having an eye for craftsmanship is why EGA has a decade’s long reputation that’s stronger than steel – or in this case aluminum.

Craftsman’s weld vs. the imported welds of our contemporaries

Yes, not all manufacturers in our space offer welds from foreign nations (in entirety), but many do. Many others take the human eye out of the equation by using machine automation. At EGA, the antiquated metal craftsman has a home, because at EGA attention to detail and customization are foundations to providing customers with the best possible product to suit their needs.

THE INDUSTRY STANDARD IN ALUMINUM WORK PLATFORMS – aluminum work platforms are dependable assets in a fast-paced industrial environment. Rolling ladder platforms are all about on-demand accessibility, providing mobility to access important work areas in a safe manner.

SOLUTION CRITERIA – Customized solutions are what sets EGA apart. Where other competitors in the same space import their materials and some of their products, EGA has remained steadfast in their pursuit of a fully American made product line. This not only enables the best quality goods but also enables the ability to design and build on-demand and as needed. Some items are so popular, they are ready to buy now, but when it comes to meeting the needs of a diverse pool of industries a custom design is often ideal. Request a free quote today!

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