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How To Choose A Stairway

Model Number code IS (Total Rise)-(Width) IS70-36
IS=Industrial Stairway, 70=70” total rise, 36=36” stair tread width

Model Number code PLA-(Platform width by depth) PLA3648
PLA=Platform, 36=36” wide, 48=48” deep.

1. Determine the tread that will best work for your application. Standard EGA treads are Grip Strut but optional stair treads are available.

2. Determine the capacity that will work for you. Standard EGA capacity is 500 pounds but options are available.

3. Determine if you would like an all welded stairway that can simply put tipped up into its location or if you would like a knocked down stairway that will save on freight but require some assembly. EGA stairways are available either way.

4. Determine the height required at the top of the stairway. This is also called the Total Rise.

5. Refer to the EGA chart to see what the Total run of the desired stairway is. The total run is the horizontal length that the stairway will “run”. It is important to make sure your application has this much room available as you will also need some additional “run” for a person to be able to enter or exit the stairway.

6. Determine if you need a Platform at the top of the Stairway. Standard EGA platforms are the same width as the stairway (36”) and either 36” or 48” long. If you need a platform, you may also need legs for the platform. Typically people either need 2 or 4 legs depending on their installation. Also you will need to determine which direction you will exit the platform from…either in line with the stairway or to the right or left as you go up the stairway.

7. Custom stair heights, incline angles, treads widths, etc. can be custom ordered. Contact an EGA representative for more details.

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