Vertical Wall Mount Ladders [Made in the USA]

Built with the toughest all-welded construction you can only find in American made goods, EGA’s fixed ladder collection features a multitude of options to suit many industrial needs.

Walk through models are ideal for safe access and all EGA models are built to meet and exceed OSHA regulations.

All models have floor mount legs and bolt-on standoff brackets. Steel and stainless steel models 8′ & 10′ have (1) set of standoff brackets; all other models come with (2) sets. Aluminum 8′ models come with (1) set of stand-off brackets; 10′ and 12′ come with (2) sets and 14′ and 16′ models have (3) sets.

Features you can count on include:

  • All-welded construction.
  • Ladders available in steel, aluminum or stainless steel.
  • Single diamond grip-strut rungs. Rungs are 16″ wide spaced 12″ vertically.
  • Flat bar stock side rails.
  • Flared handrails available on all models that extend 42″ above the top rung.
  • Inside width of 25″.

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