Industrial Semi-Trailer Access Rolling Ladder (TG – SERIES)

Product Description
Industrial Semi-Trailer Access Rolling Ladder (TG – SERIES)
Industrial Truck Trailer Rolling Ladders model tg4838h by EGA ProductsSemi-trailer truck access rolling ladder EGA ProductsGrip Strut Teeth Detail

A rolling ladder built with a specific purpose and made in the USA. Intermodal containers and even some semi-truck trailers are loaded piece by piece from the ground up. Loading of this sort makes for a long hard day, even when workers have a dock available. But what happens when a dock isn’t available? Using a truck access ladder is the solution for you.

EGA Products is known for its rolling ladders. That reputation led to a customer need to be met in the form of a specific rolling ladder for unloading shipping containers. Ideal for retail and stand-alone facilities, this ladder offers “trailer jumpers” a much safer alternative. This Industrial Truck Ladder has a 55-degree angle and provides a deeper run which will allow workers the ability to ascend and descend more quickly. Rugged, 10-inch semi-pneumatic wheels enable easy transport over rough surfaces-just lift the front bumpers and go.

The ladder has a 450 lbs. capacity, rigid 1″ diameter all welded steel tubular frame, and 10″ rear wheels that are well suited to roll easily over rugged surfaces (e.g., bar grating).

OSHA compliant, this rolling ladder also features safety chain at both the top and bottom of ladder for added safety. The ladder’s maneuverability and lack of overall weight also makes it a safer option.


Semi-Trailer Truck Access Ladder TG4838H Features

    • 450 lbs. capacity
    • Rigid 1″ diameter steel tubular frame
    • Safety chain at top and bottom of ladder
    • 10″ rear wheels
    • Grip Strut steps
    • 2-1/2″ heavy duty rubber bumpers/pads on front legs
    • 47.5″ top step height
    • Steps are 36″ W x 7″ D
    • Top step platform is 36″ W x 19″ D
    • OSHA Compliant
    • Gray enamel finish standard
Industrial Semi-Trailer Truck Access Ladder

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