Industrial Rolling Ladders – Square Tube ∠60º (L – SERIES)

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Industrial Rolling Ladders - Square Tube - Grip Strut
EGA # L086
# Of Steps12
Tread Widths30"
Hand RailsY
Weight (Lbs.)184
Overall W x L x H42x90x157
Top Step Height120"
Freight Class150-300
FOB: WI 53005Y
FOB: NC 28115n/a
Lead Times (Days)5
Product Description
Industrial Rolling Ladders – Square Tube ∠60º (L – SERIES)
Grip Strut Teeth Detailrolling-ladder-stepEZY Tread Detailezy-tread-rolling-ladder-step-detaila square tube rolling ladder painted in bright blue and gold paint.made here means exactly that for american company EGA Products.ega products are hand made in the usa.

Rolling ladders developed with 1″ square-tube technology offer a more abuse-resistant structure than conventional round tube design, which means these products work harder for you. Designed by customers through their needs for stockroom, shop floor, and maintenance applications, EGA Industrial Rolling Ladders travel with ease to wherever workers need them. Even more strength comes from welded sub-assemblies.

Square Tube Rolling Ladder Features

  • Deep Top Step Options
  • 450 lbs. Capacity
  • 1″ square-tube technology > conventional round tube design
  • Welded sub-assemblies
  • Steps are 7″ deep and available in 16″, 24″, or 30″ widths. Top step is 14″ deep
  • Choose perforated EZY Tread ® or technologically advanced Grip Strut® tread for slip resistant footing

Models with two, three, or four steps feature spring-loaded 3″ casters that compress to engage rubber-tipped legs. This provides traction and secures the ladder firmly in place while in use. Models with five or more steps feature 4″ casters and our exclusive EZY-Lock® system, which plants ladder legs firmly to the floor when pressure is applied to the bottom step.

In-stock: Purchase a 3 Step Rolling Ladder Now – L004!

Only a few left in-stock!  Buy now at!L004 - 3 Step Rolling Ladder Step Stool with 16"W Perforated Tread by EGA Products

  • All welded square tube construction
  • 14″D Top Step Platform
  • 450 lbs. Capacity
  • Knocked down, bolt-on handrails
  • Made in Wisconsin
  • 16″W Perforated Tread
  • Model specs:
    •  30″ Top Step Height. Dimensions: 22″L x 34″W x 66″H

Shipping is an estimated $200-400. You can view the shipping cost at checkout. You are more than welcome to pick-up this product at our Brookfield, WI location as well.


EGA rolling ladders are made in the usa

Rolling Ladder Tread Types

Perforated – EZY Tread

Serrated – Grip Strut Tread

Vinyl – Anti-Slip Rubber

Rolling Ladder Perforated EZY Tread from EGA Products Rolling Ladder Serrated Grip Strut Tread from EGA Products Rolling Ladder Vinyl Anti-Slip Rubber Tread from EGA Products

Perforated tread provide just enough grip to lock the foot in place, while still allowing the autonomy to work freely. Optimal for cleaner or standard duty areas. Affected by dirt dust, snow, and other hazards.

Serrated tread is a surface that can grip boot/shoe soles securely in all directions. The open design makes it easier to clean, and the non-slip patented technology is perfect for dirty, oily, wet, or dusty areas where a multitude of hazards can otherwise cause dangerous work conditions. Vinyl rubber tread is the best for a slip-resistant step. Perfect for office and clean environments. Softer on the food and provides a solid step.


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Compare EGA # Top Step HeightOverall W x L x HWeight (Lbs.)Lead Times (Days)Hand RailsTread Widths# Of StepsGet QuotePrintEmail
L086 120"42x90x1571845Y30"12 Get Quote    
L087 130"43x96x1672015Y30"13 Get Quote    
L088 140"45x103x1772185Y30"14 Get Quote    
L081 160"47x116x1972465Y30"16 Get Quote    
L089 150"46x109x1872405Y30"15 Get Quote    
L090 160"47x116x1972465Y30"16 Get Quote    
Industrial Rolling Ladders - Square Tube - EZY Tread

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Compare EGA # # Of StepsTop Step HeightTread WidthsHand RailsOverall W x L x HWeight (Lbs.)Lead Times (Days)Get QuotePrintEmail
L001 220"16"N22x25x20285 Get Quote    
L002 220"16"Y22x25x56315 Get Quote    
L019 220"24"N28x25x20305 Get Quote    
L020 220"24"Y28x25x56335 Get Quote    
L037 220"30"N34x25x20315 Get Quote    
L038 220"30"Y34x25x56345 Get Quote    
L003 330"16"N22x34x30345 Get Quote    
L004 330"16"Y22x34x66385 Get Quote    
L021 330"24"N28x34x30375 Get Quote    
L022 330"24"Y28x34x66415 Get Quote    
L039 330"30"N34x34x30385 Get Quote    
L040 330"30"Y34x34x66435 Get Quote    
L005 440"16"N22x44x40505 Get Quote    
L006 440"16"Y22x44x76555 Get Quote    
L023 440"24"N28x44x40555 Get Quote    
L024 440"24"Y28x44x76605 Get Quote    
L041 440"30"N34x44x40635 Get Quote    
L042 440"30"Y34x44x76685 Get Quote    
L007 550"16"Y24x43x86655 Get Quote    
L025 550"24"Y31x43x86725 Get Quote    
L043 550"30"Y37x43x86825 Get Quote    
L008 660"16"Y25x50x96785 Get Quote    
L026 660"24"Y32x50x96845 Get Quote    
L044 660"30"Y38x50x96965 Get Quote    
L009 770"16"Y27x57x106885 Get Quote    
L027 770"24"Y33x57x1061005 Get Quote    
L045 770"30"Y39x57x1061145 Get Quote    
L055 880"24"Y32x63x1171125 Get Quote    
L073 880"30"Y38x63x1171285 Get Quote    
L056 990"24"Y33x70x1271245 Get Quote    
L074 990"30"Y39x70x1271425 Get Quote    
L057 10100"24"Y34x76x1371365 Get Quote    
L075 10100"30"Y40x76x1371565 Get Quote    
L058 11110"24"Y36x83x1471485 Get Quote    
L076 11110"30"Y41x83x1471705 Get Quote    
L059 12120"24"Y37x90x1571605 Get Quote    
L077 12120"30"Y42x90x1571845 Get Quote    
L060 13130"24"Y38x96x1671755 Get Quote    
L078 13130"30"Y43x96x1672015 Get Quote    
L061 14140"24"Y39x103x1771905 Get Quote    
L079 14140"30"Y45x103x1772185 Get Quote    
L062 15150"24"Y40x109x1872105 Get Quote    
L080 15150"30"Y46x109x1872405 Get Quote    
L063 16160"24"Y41x116x1972355 Get Quote    
L081 16160"30"Y47x116x1972465 Get Quote    
Industrial Rolling Ladders - Square Tube - Grip Strut

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Compare EGA # # Of StepsTop Step HeightTread WidthsHand RailsOverall W x L x HWeight (Lbs.)Lead Times (Days)Get QuotePrintEmail
L010 220"16"N22x25x20285 Get Quote    
L011 220"16"Y22x25x56315 Get Quote    
L028 220"24"N28x25x20305 Get Quote    
L029 220"24"Y28x25x56335 Get Quote    
L046 220"30"N34x25x20315 Get Quote    
L047 220"30"Y34x25x56345 Get Quote    
L012 330"16"N22x34x30345 Get Quote    
L013 330"16"Y22x34x66385 Get Quote    
L030 330"24"N28x34x30375 Get Quote    
L031 330"24"Y28x34x66415 Get Quote    
L048 330"30"N34x34x30385 Get Quote    
L049 330"30"Y34x34x66435 Get Quote    
L014 440"16"N22x44x40505 Get Quote    
L015 440"16"Y22x44x76555 Get Quote    
L032 440"24"N28x44x40555 Get Quote    
L033 440"24"Y28x44x76605 Get Quote    
L050 440"30"N34x44x40635 Get Quote    
L051 440"30"Y34x44x76685 Get Quote    
L016 550"16"Y24x43x86655 Get Quote    
L034 550"24"Y31x43x86725 Get Quote    
L052 550"30"Y37x43x86825 Get Quote    
L017 660"16"Y25x50x96785 Get Quote    
L035 660"24"Y32x50x96845 Get Quote    
L053 660"30"Y38x50x96965 Get Quote    
L018 770"16"Y27x57x106885 Get Quote    
L036 770"24"Y33x57x1061005 Get Quote    
L054 770"30"Y39x57x1061145 Get Quote    
L064 880"24"Y32x63x1171125 Get Quote    
L082 880"30"Y38x63x1171285 Get Quote    
L065 990"24"Y33x70x1271245 Get Quote    
L083 990"30"Y39x70x1271425 Get Quote    
L066 10100"24"Y34x76x1371365 Get Quote    
L084 10100"30"Y40x76x1371565 Get Quote    
L067 11110"24"Y36x83x1471485 Get Quote    
L085 11110"30"Y41x831471705 Get Quote    
L068 12120"24"Y37x90x1571605 Get Quote    
L086 12120"30"Y42x90x1571845 Get Quote    
L069 13130"24"Y38x96x1671755 Get Quote    
L087 13130"30"Y43x96x1672015 Get Quote    
L070 14140"24"Y39x103x1771905 Get Quote    
L088 14140"30"Y45x103x1772185 Get Quote    
L071 15150"24"Y40x109x1872105 Get Quote    
L089 15150"30"Y46x109x1872405 Get Quote    
L072 16160"24"Y41x116x1972355 Get Quote    
L090 16160"30"Y47x116x1972465 Get Quote    

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