Industrial Rolling Ladders – Round Tube ∠60º (B & G – SERIES)

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Industrial Rolling Ladders - Knocked Down - EZY Tread
EGA # B05020HKD
# Of Steps5
Weight (Lbs.)64
Overall W x L x H21x40x80
Tread Widths16"
Top Step Height50"
Hand RailsY
FOB: WI 53005Y
Freight Class150-300
FOB: NC 28115Y
Lead Times (Days)5
Product Description
Industrial Rolling Ladders – Round Tube ∠60º (B & G – SERIES)
Grip Strut Teeth Detailrolling-ladder-stepEZY Tread Detailezy-tread-rolling-ladder-step-detailround tube rolling ladder technology is stronger and easier to grip

Rolling Ladders – Round Tube – EGA Products, Inc.

Need a stronger alternative to the cheap traditional rolling ladder on the marketplace? EGA’s round tube enhance the strength, longevity, and durability in the face of a multitude of work conditions and difficulties. Suitable for stockroom, shop floor, and maintenance applications, ROLL-EZY Rolling Ladders travel with ease to wherever workers need them—and then lock securely in place. Up to 450 lbs. capacity.

High Quality Rolling Ladders

All EGA rolling ladders meet and often exceed OSHA standards (CAL-OSHA also available) for safety. Every EGA rolling ladder is made in the USA, where quality and durability are a precursor to a high-standard in safety steps. That’s why we strive to be the best rolling step ladder in the market.

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Rolling Ladder Features:

  • Deep Top Step Options 
  • 450 lbs. capacity
  • Available in 16″, 24″, 30″ step widths
  • One to Seven Step Models:
    • Spring-loaded 3″ casters that compress to engage rubber-tipped legs
  • Eight or More Steps:
    • Feature 4″ casters and our exclusive EZY-Lock® system
  • EZY-Lock® System on Select Models
    • Plants ladder legs firmly to the floor when pressure is applied to the bottom step
    • Also standard on 6020H, 7020H, and on 6- or 7-step models with deep step option
  • KD models incorporate a steel sleeve & pin joint secured by a setscrew with nyloc patch.

In-stock: Purchase a 4 Step Rolling Ladder Now – MR4020HSU!

Buy a 4 step rolling ladder online now at! Industrial Rolling Ladder MR4020HSU by EGA Products

  • 14″D Top Step Platform
  • 450 lbs. Capacity
  • Assembled
  • Made in Wisconsin
  • 16″W Vinyl Rubber Tread
  • 40″H Top Step Height

Shipping is an estimated $300-500. You can view the shipping cost at checkout. You can ship on your carrier account, collect or you are more than welcome to pick-up this product at our Brookfield, WI location.


Rolling Ladder Tread Types

Perforated – EZY Tread

Serrated – Grip Strut Tread

Vinyl – Anti-Slip Rubber

Rolling Ladder Perforated EZY Tread from EGA Products Rolling Ladder Serrated Grip Strut Tread from EGA Products Rolling Ladder Vinyl Anti-Slip Rubber Tread from EGA Products

Perforated tread provide just enough grip to lock the foot in place, while still allowing the autonomy to work freely. Optimal for cleaner or standard duty areas. Affected by dirt dust, snow, and other hazards.

Serrated tread is a surface that can grip boot/shoe soles securely in all directions. The open design makes it easier to clean, and the non-slip patented technology is perfect for dirty, oily, wet, or dusty areas where a multitude of hazards can otherwise cause dangerous work conditions. Vinyl rubber tread is the best for a slip-resistant step. Perfect for office and clean environments. Softer on the food and provides a solid step.
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Industrial Rolling Ladders - Knocked Down - EZY Tread

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b14026hdk rolling ladder

Compare EGA # Hand Rails# Of StepsTop Step HeightTread WidthsOverall W x L x HWeight (Lbs.)Lead Times (Days)Get QuotePrintEmail
B05020HKD Y550"16"21x40x80645 Get Quote    
B05026HKD Y550"24"29x40x80765 Get Quote    
B05032HKD Y550"30"33x40x80845 Get Quote    
B06020HKD Y660"16"23x44x90805 Get Quote    
B06026HKD Y660"24"29x47x90915 Get Quote    
B06032HKD Y660"30"33x47x901025 Get Quote    
B07020HKD Y770"16"24x52x100895 Get Quote    
B07026HKD Y770"24"29x54x1001045 Get Quote    
B07032HKD Y770"30"33x54x1001165 Get Quote    
B08026HKD Y880"24"33x56x1121545 Get Quote    
B08032HKD Y880"30"38x56x1121745 Get Quote    
B09026HKD Y990"24"33x63x1221795 Get Quote    
B09032HKD Y990"30"38x63x1221935 Get Quote    
B10026HKD Y10100"24"33x69x1322075 Get Quote    
B10032HKD Y10100"30"38x69x1322225 Get Quote    
B11026HKD Y11110"24"33x75x1422285 Get Quote    
B11032HKD Y11110"30"38x75x1422155 Get Quote    
B12026HKD Y12120"24"33x82x1572415 Get Quote    
B12032HKD Y12120"30"38x82x1572875 Get Quote    
B13026HKD# Y13130"24"34x88x16725910 Get Quote    
B13032HKD# Y13130"30"39x88x16729810 Get Quote    
B14026HKD# Y14140"24"37x94x17729910 Get Quote    
B14032HKD# Y14140"30"39x94x17731110 Get Quote    
B15026HKD# Y15150"24"39x104x18734510 Get Quote    
B15032HKD# Y15150"30"39x104x18735910 Get Quote    
B16026HKD# Y16160"24"41x113x19739410 Get Quote    
B16032HKD# Y16160"30"41x113x19740610 Get Quote    
Industrial Rolling Ladders - Knocked Down - Grip Strut

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MB5026HSU-WM-2 5 step rolling ladder

Compare EGA # Hand Rails# Of StepsTop Step HeightTread WidthsOverall W x L x HWeight (Lbs.)Lead Times (Days)Get QuotePrintEmail
G05020HKD Y550"16"21x40x80645 Get Quote    
G05026HKD Y550"24"29x40x80765 Get Quote    
G05032HKD Y550"30"33x40x80845 Get Quote    
G06020HKD Y660"16"23x44x90805 Get Quote    
G06026HKD Y660"24"29x47x90915 Get Quote    
G06032HKD Y660"30"33x47x901025 Get Quote    
G07020HKD Y770"16"24x52x100895 Get Quote    
G07026HKD Y770"24"29x54x1001045 Get Quote    
G07032HKD Y770"30"33x54x1001165 Get Quote    
G08026HKD Y880"24"33x56x1121545 Get Quote    
G08032HKD Y880"30"38x56x1121745 Get Quote    
G09026HKD Y990"24"33x63x1221795 Get Quote    
G09032HKD Y990"30"38x63x1221935 Get Quote    
G10026HKD Y10100"24"33x69x1322075 Get Quote    
G10032HKD Y10100"30"38x69x1322225 Get Quote    
G11026HKD Y11110"24"33x75x1422285 Get Quote    
G11032HKD Y11110"30"38x75x1422155 Get Quote    
G12026HKD Y12120"24"33x82x1572415 Get Quote    
G12032HKD Y12120"30"38x82x1572875 Get Quote    
G13026HKD# Y13130"24"34x88x16725910 Get Quote    
G13032HKD# Y13130"30"39x88x16729810 Get Quote    
G14026HKD# Y14140"24"37x94x17729910 Get Quote    
G14032HKD# Y14140"30"39x94x17731110 Get Quote    
G15026HKD# Y15150"24"39x104x18734510 Get Quote    
G15032HKD# Y15150"30"39x104x18735910 Get Quote    
G16026HKD# Y16160"24"41x113x19739410 Get Quote    
G16032HKD# Y16160"30"41x113x19740610 Get Quote    
Industrial Rolling Ladders - Set Up - EZY Tread

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b09026hsu American made rolling ladder

Compare EGA # Hand Rails# Of StepsTop Step HeightTread WidthsOverall W x L x HWeight (Lbs.)Lead Times (Days)Get QuotePrintEmail
B02020HSU+ Y220"16"21x19x44295 Get Quote    
B02020SU+ N220"16"21x19x20225 Get Quote    
B02026HSU Y220"24"27x19x44345 Get Quote    
B02026SU+ N220"24"27x19x20265 Get Quote    
B03020HSU Y330"16"21x28x54415 Get Quote    
B03020SU+ N330"16"21x27x30335 Get Quote    
B03026HSU Y330"24"29x27x54485 Get Quote    
B03026SU N330"24"29x27x30395 Get Quote    
B04020HSU Y440"16"21x33x70515 Get Quote    
B04020SU N440"16"21x36x40425 Get Quote    
B04026HSU Y440"24"29x33x70645 Get Quote    
B04026SU N440"24"29x36x40515 Get Quote    
B04032HSU Y440"30"33x33x70735 Get Quote    
B04032SU N440"30"33x36x40585 Get Quote    
B05020HSU Y550"16"21x40x80645 Get Quote    
B05026HSU Y550"24"29x40x80765 Get Quote    
B05032HSU Y550"30"33x40x80845 Get Quote    
B06020HSU Y660"16"23x44x90805 Get Quote    
B06026HSU Y660"24"29x47x90825 Get Quote    
B06032HSU Y660"30"33x47x901025 Get Quote    
B07020HSU Y770"16"24x52x100895 Get Quote    
B07026HSU Y770"24"29x54x1001045 Get Quote    
B07032HSU Y770"30"33x54x1001165 Get Quote    
B08026HSU Y880"24"33x56x1121545 Get Quote    
B08032HSU Y880"30"38x56x1121745 Get Quote    
B09026HSU Y990"24"33x63x1221795 Get Quote    
B09032HSU Y990"30"38x63x1221935 Get Quote    
B10026HSU Y10100"24"33x69x1322075 Get Quote    
B10032HSU Y10100"30"38x69x1322225 Get Quote    
B11026HSU Y11110"24"33x75x1422285 Get Quote    
B11032HSU Y11110"30"38x69x1322225 Get Quote    
B12026HSU Y12120"24"33x82x1572415 Get Quote    
B12032HSU Y12120"30"38x75x1422455 Get Quote    
B1220SU N112"16"20x16x12135 Get Quote    
B1226SU N112"24"27x16x12165 Get Quote    
Industrial Rolling Ladders - Set Up - Grip Strut

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b09032hsu American made rolling ladder

Compare EGA # Hand Rails# Of StepsTread WidthsTop Step HeightOverall W x L x HWeight (Lbs.)Lead Times (Days)Get QuotePrintEmail
G02020HSU+ Y216"20"21x19x44295 Get Quote    
G02020SU+ N216"20"21x19x20225 Get Quote    
G02026HSU Y224"20"27x19x44345 Get Quote    
G02026SU+ N224"20"27x19x20265 Get Quote    
G03020HSU Y316"30"21x28x54415 Get Quote    
G03020SU+ N316"30"21x27x30335 Get Quote    
G03026HSU Y324"30"29x27x54485 Get Quote    
G03026SU N324"30"29x27x30395 Get Quote    
G04020HSU Y416"40"21x33x70515 Get Quote    
G04020SU Y416"40"21x36x40425 Get Quote    
G04026HSU Y424"40"29x33x70645 Get Quote    
G04026SU N424"40"29x36x40515 Get Quote    
G04032HSU Y430"40"33x33x70735 Get Quote    
G04032SU N430"40"33x36x40585 Get Quote    
G05020HSU Y516"50"21x40x80645 Get Quote    
G05026HSU Y524"50"29x40x80765 Get Quote    
G05032HSU Y530"50"33x40x80845 Get Quote    
G06020HSU Y616"60"23x44x90805 Get Quote    
G06026HSU Y624"60"29x47x90825 Get Quote    
G06032HSU Y630"60"33x47x901025 Get Quote    
G07020HSU Y716"70"24x52x100895 Get Quote    
G07026HSU Y724"70"29x54x1001045 Get Quote    
G07032HSU Y730"70"33x54x1001165 Get Quote    
G08026HSU Y824"80"35x56x1121545 Get Quote    
G08032HSU Y830"80"38x56x1121745 Get Quote    
G09026HSU Y924"90"33x63x1221795 Get Quote    
G09032HSU Y930"90"38x63x1221935 Get Quote    
G10026HSU Y1024"100"33x69x1322075 Get Quote    
G10032HSU Y1030"100"38x69x1322225 Get Quote    
G11026HSU Y1124"110"33x75x1422285 Get Quote    
G11032HSU Y1130"110"38x75x1422415 Get Quote    
G12026HSU Y1224"120"33x82x1572415 Get Quote    
G12032HSU Y1230"120"38x32x1572595 Get Quote    
G1220SU N116"12"20x16x12135 Get Quote    
G1226SU N124"12"27x16x12165 Get Quote    

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