One-Step Adjustable Height Platforms (AHW – SERIES)

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One-Step Adjustable Height Platforms - Grip Strut
EGA # AHW-H-2424
Weight (Lbs.)30
Max. Height14
Adjust. Height9"-14"
Platform W x D (in)24x24
Freight Classn/a
FOB: WI 53005n/a
FOB: NC 28115Y
Product Description
One-Step Adjustable Height Platforms (AHW – SERIES)

When it comes to finding the right adjustable height work platform for your facility or workspace, EGA Products’ One Step Adjustable Height Platforms (AHW Series) offer the perfect solution. These platforms are designed to provide a safe and stable work surface at varying heights, making them ideal for a wide range of tasks.  These unique industrial work platforms adjust in height to provide workers with additional height to reach elevated work or out-of-reach items. Simply loosen the lock nut, twist the threaded feet to the desired height, and then re-tighten the lock nut. Meets or exceeds OSHA standards.

One Step Adjustable Height Platform Features

  • All-welded construction ensures durability, stability, and strength—up to 500 lbs. capacity!
  • Has 24″ deep platform with technologically advanced Grip Strut® tread for slip resistant footing.
  • Available in a variety of lengths and either 5″-8″ or 9″-14″ adjustable height ranges.
  • Stands on circular disc with a diameter of 1-1/2″

Person standing on an one step adjustable height work platform at a workstation

Adjustable Work Platform: Versatile Size and Height Options

In addition to its solid construction, the AHW Series is also designed for versatility. The platform is available in a range of sizes and heights, making it suitable for use in a variety of applications. Whether you need a small platform for a small space or larger platform for a larger area, the AHW Series has you covered.  One of the standout features of the AHW Series is its ability to be used as both an adjustable height platform and a stationary work platform. This means that workers can use the platform at a fixed height for tasks that don’t require height adjustment, and then quickly and easily adjust the height for tasks that may require a few more inches.

Overall, the EGA Products One Step Adjustable Height Platforms (AHW Series) are an excellent choice for anyone looking for a sturdy, versatile, and easy-to-use work platform. With its solid construction, non-skid surface, and simple height adjustment mechanism, this platform is sure to provide a safe and stable work surface for workers in a wide range of industries and applications. Check out our two-step access platforms and our larger, equipment access platforms.

One-Step Adjustable Height Platforms - Grip Strut

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Model AHW-H-2460 One Step Adjustable Work Platform by EGA Products

Compare EGA # Platform W x D (in)Adjust. HeightMax. HeightWeight (Lbs.)Get QuotePrintEmail
AHW-H-2424 24x249"-14"1430 Get Quote    
AHW-H-2436 24x369"-14"1440 Get Quote    
AHW-H-2448 24x489"-14"1451 Get Quote    
AHW-H-2460 24x609"-14"1461 Get Quote    
AHW-L-2424 24x245"-8"830 Get Quote    
AHW-L-2436 24x365"-8"840 Get Quote    
AHW-L-2448 24x485"-8"854 Get Quote    
AHW-L-2460 24x605"-8"860 Get Quote    

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