Ergonomic Stock Picking Ladders ∠50º (P – SERIES)

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Stock Picking Ladders - EZY Tread
EGA # P001
Weight (Lbs.)175
Overall W x L x H30x70x90
Hand RailsY
Tread Widths24"
Top Step Height60"
# Of Steps6
Freight Class300
FOB: WI 53005Y
FOB: NC 28115n/a
Lead Times (Days)14
Product Description
Ergonomic Stock Picking Ladders ∠50º (P – SERIES)
EZY Tread DetailGrip Strut Teeth Detail

Stock Picking Rolling Ladders allow workers to move access equipment into position to reach needed assets is a common activity for stock pickers. Sprawling warehouses are the norm in an eCommerce age with copious kinds of stock to be picked by orders of all quantities. Designed with an in-demand world in mind, these versatile rolling ladders can also be used as carrying carts and rolling stairs, allowing workers to pull multiple items from inventories simultaneously – a major factor in a fast-paced world built on efficiency. They travel with ease to where workers need the and then lock securely in place.

EGA P003 with cardboard boxes on stock picking shelves

Stock Picking Rolling Ladder Features

  • EZY-Lock® system plants ladder legs firmly to the floor when pressure is applied to the bottom step
  • 1″ square-tube technology is more abuse-resistant than conventional round tube design
  • Steps are 7″ deep
  • Top step is 21″ deep for added versatility
  • Steps are 24″ wide
  • Three levels of 23″ x 25″ shelves provide 24 sq.ft of storage
  • 450 lbs. Capacity
  • OSHA Compliant

EGA stock picking ladders are 50º to offer easier climbing of the ladder. Users of the ladder are also able to face down the stairs while ascending or descending according to ANSI code*.

Stock Picking Rolling Ladder Tread Types

Perforated – EZY Tread

Serrated – Grip Strut Tread

Vinyl – Anti-Slip Rubber

Rolling Ladder Perforated EZY Tread from EGA Products Rolling Ladder Serrated Grip Strut Tread from EGA Products Rolling Ladder Vinyl Anti-Slip Rubber Tread from EGA Products

Perforated tread provide just enough grip to lock the foot in place, while still allowing the autonomy to work freely. Optimal for cleaner or standard duty areas. Affected by dirt dust, snow, and other hazards.

Serrated tread is a surface that can grip boot/shoe soles securely in all directions. The open design makes it easier to clean, and the non-slip patented technology is perfect for dirty, oily, wet, or dusty areas where a multitude of hazards can otherwise cause dangerous work conditions. Vinyl rubber tread is the best for a slip-resistant step. Perfect for office and clean environments. Softer on the food and provides a solid step.

*: ANSI-ASC A14.7-2011. Mobile Ladder Stands and Mobile Ladder Stand Platforms. 6.10 The user shall face the steps when ascending or descending a unit except when the slope of the steps is 50 degrees or less above the horizontal.

Stock Picking Ladders - EZY Tread

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Stock Picking Rolling Ladder P003 EGA Products

Compare EGA # # Of StepsTop Step HeightTread WidthsHand RailsOverall W x L x HWeight (Lbs.)Lead Times (Days)Get QuotePrintEmail
P001 660"24"Y30x70x9017514 Get Quote    
P002 770"24"Y31x79x10018514 Get Quote    
P003 880"24"Y32x88x11019514 Get Quote    
P004 990"24"Y33x98x12020514 Get Quote    
P005 10100"24"Y34x107x13021014 Get Quote    
P006 11110"24"Y36x116x14023014 Get Quote    
Stock Picking Ladders - Grip Strut

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Stock Picking Rolling Ladder P003 EGA Products

Compare EGA # # Of StepsTop Step HeightTread WidthsHand RailsOverall W x L x HLead Times (Days)Weight (Lbs.)Get QuotePrintEmail
P007 660"24"Y30x70x9014175 Get Quote    
P008 770"24"Y31x79x10014185 Get Quote    
P009 880"24"Y32x88x11014195 Get Quote    
P010 990"24"Y33x98x12014205 Get Quote    
P011 10100"24"Y34x107x13014210 Get Quote    
P012 11110"24"Y36x116x14014230 Get Quote    

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