Rolling Service Ladders ∠60º (M – SERIES)

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Mechanics/Maintenance Ladders - EZY Tread
EGA # M001
# Of Steps4
Top Step Height40"
Tread Widths24"
Hand RailsY
Overall W x L x H28x49x70
Weight (Lbs.)63
FOB: WI 53005Y
Freight Class250-300
FOB: NC 28115Y
Lead Times (Days)10
Product Description
Rolling Service Ladders ∠60º (M – SERIES)
Grip Strut Teeth DetailEZY Tread Detailround tube rolling ladder technology is stronger and easier to gripega products fuel island laddersemi truck ladder sits at fuel rack in winter.truck stop ladder awaits its next userolling ladder in use at a truck stop.washing truck windows in the hot summer suntruck stop wash rack ladder in action

When it comes to commercial vehicles, up-time matters most. Having efficient ways to access trucks for maintenance, repair, and cleaning cuts into potential vehicle downtime. Mechanics ladders from EGA Products travel with ease to wherever workers need them—and then lock securely in place. Up to 450 lbs. capacity. Meets or exceeds OSHA standards. American made products from EGA offer quality and durability service techs can count on when working on customer fleets or the trucks that drive your business. These ladders are designed to outlast the imported materials of the competition.

Mechanic / Maintenance Ladders

Mechanics Ladders from EGA Products are perfect for workers who are on the go and offer an ideal option for a variety of maintenance applications around a production facility or shop floor. This ladder does not have to be used by only mechanics!

A large-scale printer of magazines uses one of these ladders for maintenance personnel to access complicated machinery.

A world-class truck center that repairs the largest vehicles to travel the road uses one of these ladders to access equipment just out of reach. Another trucking industry use, the mechanic style rolling ladders from EGA are a mainstay at fuel islands all over the country. Drivers like to use these ladders to clear debris, do basic safety checks, and access the top of the truck’s engine. Ladders of this sort are ideal for large vehicle inspection.

Even a single mechanic working in a barn turned auto body uses a ladder like this to get the quality output that mechanic’s customers have come to expect.


Rolling Mechanics Ladder Features

  • A 21″-deep top platform allows full access to work areas and is equipped with a detachable safety chain at the rear
  • Handles at ladder front provide convenience and aid mobility
  • 4″ casters and our lift & roll wheelbarrow design
  • 1″ square-tube technology is more abuse-resistant than conventional round tube design
  • Steps measure 24″ wide and 7″ deep
  • Tread options: Choose between perforated EZY Tread ® or technologically advanced Grip Strut® tread for slip-resistant footing
Mechanics/Maintenance Ladders - EZY Tread

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EGA Products rolling ladder

Compare EGA # Weight (Lbs.)Lead Times (Days)Overall W x L x HHand RailsTread WidthsTop Step Height# Of StepsGet QuotePrintEmail
M001 631028x49x70Y24"40"4 Get Quote    
M002 781029x55x80Y24"50"5 Get Quote    
M003 881030x62x90Y24"60"6 Get Quote    
M004 1011031x69x100Y24"70"7 Get Quote    
Mechanics/Maintenance Ladders - Grip Strut

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EGA rolling ladder

Compare EGA # Lead Times (Days)Weight (Lbs.)Overall W x L x HHand RailsTread WidthsTop Step Height# Of StepsGet QuotePrintEmail
M005 106328x49x70Y24"40"4 Get Quote    
M006 107829x55x80Y24"50"5 Get Quote    
M007 108830x62x90Y24"60"6 Get Quote    
M008 1010131x69x100Y24"70"7 Get Quote    

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