Fixed Dock Ladders (MDT & MDS – SERIES)

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Side Step - MDS Ladder
Weight (Lbs.)43
Top Step HeightN/A
Overall Length56
# Of Steps & Rungs6
# Of Steps2
FOB: WI 53005Y
Freight Classn/a
FOB: NC 28115Y
Lead Times (Days)5
Product Description
Fixed Dock Ladders (MDT & MDS – SERIES)

Provide easier access to docks, platforms, and mezzanines with EGA Walk-Thru and Side Step steel dock ladders. Each features all-welded construction for years of service in tough industrial environments. Up to 300 lbs capacity. Meets or exceeds OSHA standards.

  • Walk-Thru model features handrail that extends 42″ above the top rung to help guide workers up and down
  • Side Step model has 4 round hand rungs at top to assist movement up and down
  • Both models have 1″ diameter handrails, rest 7″ from mounting surface for 12″ clearance when climbing.
  • Technologically advanced Grip Strut® tread for slip resistant footing.
  • Rungs are 24″ wide
Side Step - MDS Ladder

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ega side step wall ladder

Compare EGA # # Of Steps# Of Steps & RungsOverall LengthTop Step HeightWeight (Lbs.)Lead Times (Days)Get QuotePrintEmail
MDS02 2656N/A435 Get Quote    
MDS03 3766N/A465 Get Quote    
MDS04 4876N/A535 Get Quote    
MDS05 5986N/A585 Get Quote    
MDS06 61096N/A665 Get Quote    
MDS07 711106N/A715 Get Quote    
MDS08 812116N/A765 Get Quote    
MDS09 913126N/A805 Get Quote    
MDS10 1014136N/A865 Get Quote    
Walk Through - DT Ladder

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dt10 wall ladder

Compare EGA # # Of Steps# Of Steps & RungsOverall LengthTop Step HeightLead Times (Days)Weight (Lbs.)Get QuotePrintEmail
MDT02 2N/AN/A16"543 Get Quote    
MDT03 3N/AN/A26"546 Get Quote    
MDT04 4N/AN/A36"553 Get Quote    
MDT05 5N/AN/A46"558 Get Quote    
MDT06 6N/AN/A5'6"566 Get Quote    
MDT07 7N/AN/A6'6"571 Get Quote    
MDT08 8N/AN/A7'6"576 Get Quote    
MDT09 9N/AN/A8'6"580 Get Quote    
MDT10 10N/AN/A9'6"586 Get Quote    

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