Mechanics/Maintenance Ladders – EZY Tread

EGA # M003
Freight Class250-300
FOB: WI 53005Y
FOB: NC 28115Y
# Of Steps6
Top Step Height60"
Tread Widths24"
Overall W x L x H30x62x90
Weight (Lbs.)88

Some say a mechanic is only as good as his/her tools. Well, tools only work if they can access the equipment that needs to be repaired. EGA worked closely with technicians and maintenance personnel to develop the ultimate 6 step rolling utility ladder. EGA Products’ mechanic and maintenance rolling ladder model M003, features 24″ wide steps and an overall rise of 60″ off the ground. EZY Tread is a cost-effective, non-slip, safety tread pattern.

These steel steps provide adequate traction and meet all OSHA standards for tread grip. The treads are designed for both indoor and outdoor use and hold up well to consistent traffic. Items made with perforated EZY Tread ® are designed to provide just enough grip to lock the foot in place, while still allowing the autonomy to work freely. EZY Tread won’t wear down like the completion’s imported rubber-like material, and it performs well in concert with a multitude of work footwear.

No replica, no replacement, no substitute – American metal craftsmanship is the standard bearer for quality and safety in all sectors of the industrial world. EGA is always made in the USA – it’s their standard.

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