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How To Select A Fixed Vertical Ladder

Model Number code example – (FC12)
=Fixed Cage Ladder; 12= 12’ ladder rise

1. Determine the height required for the area you would like to access. This is also called the Total Rise. (An example would be the height from work shop concrete floor to mezzanine deck).

2. Determine the style of EGA vertical ladder you would like. All EGA vertical ladders (except the “DS” series)are designed to walk thru at the top rung of the ladder – having handrails extending 42” above the top ladder rung to allow transition from
the ladder to the surface you are accessing. The “DS” models are a side step design ladder.

3. As a general rule the “DT”, “DS” and “RT” series ladders are used for total rise requirements of 10’-0” or less. The “FV” and “FC” models are designed for 10’-0” to 20’-0” total rise and the “FC” model is for 21’-0” and above.

4. All of our fixed vertical ladders are designed to mount vertically with stand-off brackets. The lowest rung of the ladder can be up to 12” off the ground (ladder rungs are spaced 12” on center). This is important to note when determining the
proper ladder model to order. (example: if you have a total rise of 3’-9” you would need a model DT4 ladder. In this scenario when the ladder is installed, the first rung of the ladder will be 9” off the ground with each subsequent rung being 12” apart reaching the desired height of 3’-9”.) Floor mounting is available. Please ask one of our customer service representatives.

5. Standard rung material is single diamond grip-strut on the “DT” and “DS” models and 1” round steel on “RT”, “FV” and FC” models. Other rung options are available, please ask one of our customer service representatives for more details.

6. EGA fixed vertical ladders are all-welded steel construction. The “DT”, “DS”, “FV” and “FC” models are finished in EGA Gray enamel. The “RT” models have an EGA Yellow enamel finish. Powder coat and hot dipped galvanized finishes as well as all aluminum or stainless steel are available upon request.

7. Security panels over lower rungs of ladder as well as security gates (FC models) are also available upon request.

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