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How To Select A Cylinder Cabinet

Model Number code example – (HCC16)

HCC = Horizontal Cylinder Cabinet, 16 = total qty. of cylinders cabinet can hold

1. Determine which type of gas cylinder you would like to house (i.e. acetylene, oxygen, helium, etc. or LP, propane).

2. Our part numbers start with either “HCC” (horizontal cylinder cabinet) or “VCC” (vertical cylinder cabinet). The VCC cabinets are designed to house tall, narrow cylinders (acetylene, helium, etc.) while the VCC cabinets are designed for LP or propane cylinders.

3. Determine how many cylinders you would like to house (i.e. HHC4 will house (4) LP tanks horizontally. The VCC10 will house (10) acetylene cylinders vertically).

4. Both models of Cylinder Cabinets are available knocked-down (assembly required) or all-welded, set-up (nominal charge applies).

5. EGA Cylinder Cabinets are steel construction with a yellow enamel finish.

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