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How to Choose a Ladder

EGA Products

Designed with access in mind.

Standrad ModelsWith more than 360 standard models to choose from, EGA offers 10 full ladder lines to meet your retail, warehousing and manufacturing application needs. Whether it’s a dock ladder or an industrial truck ladder, every product in the EGA line is designed for optimum performance and safety at an affordable price. Whatever the application, our experts can provide the right ladder solution.

All EGA products – ladders, storage racks, carts, dollies, and partitions – are made entirely in the U.S. to ensure you receive the highest quality product for years of dependable service.


  • Choose from steel, aluminum, or stainless construction.
  • Select from Grip Strut®, EZY tread, or Rubber treads for step and platform surfaces.
  • Select from a variety of step widths to fit your application.
  • Steel reinforced rubber feet, foot/bumper pads and super durable casters utilized.
  • Floor locking systems designed and tailored for each specific style.
  • Models that ship knocked-down, factory (set-up), or fold-away.
  • All ladders meet or exceed OSHA/ANSI standards with Cal-OSHA ladders available.
  • Ability to add double or triple top steps, and fold down tray to most models.


  • Choose for standard duty or cleaner areas.
  • Perforated tread design formed from a solid steel sheet.
  • Eliminates sagging problems and front edge wear which are common with most expanded metal treads.
  • Available in steel models only.
  • Self-cleaning, sure-footed and economical.


  • A must when oily or wet surfaces can be underfoot.
  • A serrated tooth surface formed from a solid steel sheet.
  • Acclaimed by all ladder manufacturers.
  • Steel or aluminum construction.
  • Aggressive, strong, sure-footed and self-cleaning.


  • Best choice if a solid tread surface is desired.
  • Soft, resilient surface that will last.
  • Slip-resistant textured surface for sure footing.


  • Spring-loaded casters retract automatically under individual’s weight. Durable steel-reinforced rubber tips grip the floor and secure ladder when in use. Steel inserts in tips provide strength and lengthen rubber tip life (A & B).
  • EZY-Lock actually is a carriage providing mobility in transport, stability when in use. Minimum of moving parts assures long service life. Four casters located on the corners of the carriage/ladder provide mobile stability to the ladder. The first ladder step disengages carriage which puts ladder firmly on the floor before being used. Step on one of two convenient foot pedals and the ladder is again mobile. No other ladder has a system with these safety orientated features (C & D).
Floor Locking Systems Floor Locking Systems
Floor Locking Systems Floor Locking Systems

How to Select the Right Ladder for You (EGA Has 100’s in stock!)

  1. Select platform height based on operations to be performed. Maximum convenient working height is generally 5′ 0″ above top platform.
  2. Select as wide a ladder as space permits. Take into account whether people must pass ladder in the aisle and where ladder must rest when not in use.
  3. Consider limitations on ladder dimensions imposed by doorways, overhead obstructions, corners that ladder must turn, etc.
  4. Consider some of our special “optional” features to ensure the complete effectiveness of your EGA ladder.
  5. For unusual conditions not illustrated in this brochure, we can provide custom engineering.

How to Order

  1. Select the model that best fits your application and performance requirements (see select the Right ladder above).
  2. Review accessories and options to complete the effectiveness of your EGA Ladder. Include items on order.
  3. When available, specify KD (knocked-down) if desired. Models ordered without KD option will be supplied as all-welded SU set-up.

Usage Tips for Ladders

Ladder usage starts with making the appropriate ladder selection. From there, it’s all about safety and maintenance. Here are the five things that matter most when it comes to ladder usage:

  1. Proper selection.
  2. Inspect the ladder before each use.
  3. Follow use guidelines (request a free EGA poster on ladder usage).
  4. If the ladder requires assembly, please follow the instructions and double check that all fasteners are in place correctly.
  5. Follow maintenance guidelines. Simple things like replacing wheels or keeping corrosive materials off the ladder surface can extend the life for decades. All EGA Ladders are built in the USA, so basic maintenance could mean that you’ll never need another ladder.
How to Select the Right Ladder for You

EGA Available Colors



Industrial Rolling Office Stockpicking Mechanics Maintenance
Industrial Rolling Office Stockpicking Mechanics / Maintenance
Work Platforms Folding Double Entry Platforms Dual Access
Work Platforms Folding Double Entry Platforms Dual Access
Aluminum Work Platforms Crossovers
Aluminum Work platforms Crossovers