Performance By Design

How To Select A Mobile Work Platform

1. Determine which EGA Model best meets your needs. The “A” series is all-welded aluminum while all other models are all-welded steel construction with EGA Gray enamel finish.

2. Determine the platform height that best suits your needs. EGA Mobile Work Platforms heights are available from 20” to 50” in increments of 10”. Custom heights are available upon request.

3. Determine the step/platform width and platform depth best suited to your application. The “W” series comes in standard widths of 24” and 30” with standard platform depths of 35” and 49”; The “A” series has a step/platform width of 24” with platforms depths of 35”, 42” and 49”; The “D” series has 24” wide steps/platform with a platform depth of 50”; the “E” series has a step/platform width of 16” with a platform depth of 21”. Custom widths and depths are available upon request.

4. All models are available with or without handrails up to 40” platform height. Models with platform heights over 40” require handrails. Handrails along platforms on one side of platform are available as long as “open” side of unit is abutted against a wall or work area.

5. Choose which step/platform surface you would like. Steel models are available in either perforated or grip–strut material. Aluminum models are available in closed ribbed or grip-strut material.

Custom options or design are available. Please talk to an EGA Customer Service Representative to discuss customization.

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