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How To Choose An Industrial Stairway

Deciding an industrial stairway can rely a few different factors. Those factors can include, the height (rise), length (run), width, and code compliancy.  There may be other personal/safety factors that may go into to deciding an industrial stairway such as color, style, and if a platform is need or not. To make our product selection easy, we have easy to understand SKU/part numbers that tell the size and style of our industrial stairways.

EGA Industrial Stairway and Platform Model Number Codes

  • Model Number code format is: IS (Total Rise)-(Width)
    • Example: IS70-36: IS=Industrial Stairway, 70=70” total rise, 36=36” stair tread width
  • Model Number code PLA-(Platform width by depth)
    • Example: PLA3648: PLA=Platform, 36=36” wide, 48=48” deep
Industrial stairway IS70-36 70 inch rise Industrial stairway platform IS3636-LSX with width and length labels


How to Select an Industrial Stairway

  1. Select a stairway material that is durable, slip-resistant, and able to withstand the intended use and any potential environmental conditions.
  2. Consider the ease of installation and maintenance of the stairway.
  3. Determine the height required at the top of the stairway. This is also called the Total Rise.
  4. Consider the space the stairway will be used in. The total run is the horizontal length that the stairway will “run”. It is important to make sure your application has this much room available as you will also need some additional “run” for a person to be able to enter or exit the stairway.
  5. Determine if you need a platform at the top of the stairway. Standard EGA platforms are the same width as the stairway (36”) and either 36” or 48” long.  Also you will need to determine which direction you will exit the platform from: left, right, straight or if there is no exit and just need handrails.
  6. Ensure that the stairway meets all applicable codes and regulations for industrial stairways in your area.
  7. Custom stair heights, incline angles, treads widths, etc. can be custom ordered. Contact an EGA representative for more details.

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