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How To Choose A Swing Gate

Model number code SCG-(N=Narrow, W=Wide, X=Extra Wide)-(Y=Yellow Powder Coated, G=Galvanized, S=Stainless)


SCG=Self Closing Gate, N=Narrow, Y=Powder Coated Yellow.

1. Determine the opening that the gate is needed for. EGA narrow gates (-N) are adjustable for 16 to 26 inch openings. EGA wide gates (-W) are adjustable for 24 to 40 inch openings. EGA extra wide gates (-X) are adjustable 40 to 48 inch openings.

2. Determine the finish that is appropriate for your environment. EGA Gates are available in Powder Coated yellow (-Y), Galvanized (-G) or Stainless Steel (-S).