Rolling ladders have hundreds of different models and styles to choose from.  Almost all rolling ladder suppliers have various options for handrails, safety codes, steps, degree of inclines, purpose, treads, material and more. This can get very confusing when selecting a ladder. Knowing what the features and benefits of each are important when making your final decision. For this post, we will focus on rolling ladder tread types.

Rolling Ladder Tread Options. EZY Tread, Perforated Grip Strut, and Anti-Slip Vinyl Rubber

The 3 Main Ladder Treads

Although there are other types of treads, the three main rolling ladder treads are perforated, serrated, and vinyl.

Perforated – EZY Tread®

EZY Tread® (perforated) is the most affordable option for rolling ladder treads. However, it does not perform well in certain work environments.

  • Optimal for clean or standard duty areas
  • Formed from a solid steel sheet
  • Affected by dirt, dust, snow, and other hazards
  • Eliminates sagging metal and front edge wear common with inferior products
  • Economical

Rolling Ladder Perforated EZY Tread from EGA Products

Serrated – Grip Strut®

Grip Strut® (serrated) provides the best grip and tread for more demanding work environments. A more premium option than traditional perforated tread.

  • Great for environments that may be dusty, oily, or wet
  • Formed from a solid steel sheet
  • Allows for a safer solution when dirt, snow, dust, or oil are present
  • More grip compared to perforated treads
  • Aggressive sure-footed design

Rolling Ladder Serrated Grip Strut Tread from EGA Products

Vinyl – Anti-Slip Rubber

Vinyl or rubber tread is great for indoor use in the office or where there is not much dirt or debris.

  • Perfect for office and clean environments
  • Best case when a solid step is preferred
  • Softer on the foot
  • Slip-resistant

Rolling Ladder Vinyl Anti-Slip Rubber Tread from EGA Products

Feel free to contact us with any more questions about all the different ladder tread types or which option may be best for your situation.

Rolling Ladder Tread Types Infographic by EGA Products