Replacement parts for rolling ladders are a crucial part of keeping your workers safe and maintaining OSHA’s requirements on rolling ladders. Always replace damaged parts as soon as possible and never use a damaged rolling ladder. Commonly replaced parts include rubber tips, caster wheels, and springs which are essential for the ladder’s safe operation. Be sure to check out all rolling ladder parts that are available to repair a damaged rolling ladder.

Most Requested Rolling Ladder Replacement Parts

Rubber Tips

Rubber tips for rolling ladders, also known as “rubber crutch tips” or “rubber feet” are round or square rubber caps that slide on to the bottom of the rolling ladder’s legs.  These rubber tips help keep the ladder stable when someone is standing on the ladder.

Round Rubber Tips RUBTS-R for rolling ladders and other EGA Products Rubber Tips RUBTS-S and plastic plug inserts for EGA Products

There are two kinds of replacement rubber tips, round and square. The round rubber tips will fit on round tube rolling ladders and include a built-in washer in it to stop the ladder leg tube from piercing through. The square rubber tips will fit on square tube rolling ladders and include a plastic insert to put in the ladder leg tube to stop the tube from piercing through the rubber tip.

Caster Wheels and Caster KitsTwo rolling ladder casters that are damaged with black springs

The wheels and caster stems of rolling ladders often get worn out or damaged and need replacing.  Occasionally, the wheel or stem gets bent and make the ladder unable to move. A single replacement ladder caster can be purchased that includes a nut and washer or complete caster kits are also available for purchase.  It is typically a good idea to replace all casters at the same time.


Rolling ladder caster kits offer the best value for repairing your rolling ladder. They include all four caster wheels needed for your ladder, springs (for spring loaded casters), hardware, and the rubber tips. Not all rolling ladders use the same casters, springs, and hardware, so it is best to reach out to the manufacturer to confirm what caster kit you should buy.

CK3S-R EGA Rolling ladder caster kit with silver springs and round rubber tips


Some rolling ladders have spring loaded casters which can wear out over time. For EGA rolling ladders, there are four different caster springs: yellow, silver, black, and uncoated. Each color has a different amount of tension to them. Smaller ladders such as 1 to  2 steps may have yellow springs since they are easier to compress. Taller ladders such as 3 to 5 steps may have silver springs and anything taller might have black springs. It is easiest to look at which springs your current ladder has, or call the manufacturer to figure out which springs you need. Rolling caster springs are an important part of a rolling ladder’s safety as these springs make the ladder lock in place when someone is standing on it.

b spring parts els ezy-lock spring for rolling ladder with foot pedal locking mechanism

Another type of spring that is commonly replaced is the EZY-Lock spring. This spring is what makes the EZY-Lock foot pedal mechanism work. Often times, workers tend to slam on the bottom step and wear out the spring quickly. Luckily, replacing the spring is cheap and easy to do.


Rolling Ladder Safety Tips

Be sure to follow rolling ladder safety tips and always inspect a rolling ladder before using it. Keeping your rolling ladder in safe condition will keep you and your workers safe while also maintaining a long lasting rolling ladder.

Rolling ladder collection of three different sizes of industrial rolling ladders by EGA Products, Inc.

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