In any factory or warehouse, there will need to be some sort of fall protection or security for blocking off access to certain areas. Industrial swing gates play a huge role in both safety issues. They restrict access to dangerous areas, provide fall protection and have features designed to make their use easy and efficient.

Industrial safety swing gates can be mounted and placed in various locations. They can be secured to railings, walls, ladders and more. EGA industrial swing gates have a variety of uses and styles to fit your need for safety in the workplace.

Provide Safe Access to Rooftops, Mezzanines, Equipment, Ladders and Dangerous Areas

Guardrails around elevated areas prevent workers from falling over the side, but they still require an access point. Industrial safety swing gates are perfect for this purpose. They open in one direction, are self-closing, and can be adjusted to whatever size you need. Swing gates prevent falls especially at rooftops, mezzanines, and fixed vertical ladders.

Two yellow industrial safety swing gates to make saloon style door/gate
Industrial safety gates are also beneficial when restricting access to dangerous or restricted areas in the workplace. The gate acts like a door in the regards of the user having to think about where they are going when they are opening a gate. If there is no safety swing gate installed, people could think the area is unrestricted and they are free to walk where they should not be.

Warehouse Guardrail Safety Gates

Many job sites have valid reasons for restricting access to certain locations. You’ll need to keep visitors without PPE away from dangerous work areas and keep job site machinery safe from wonderers. Swing gates also help warn of a dangerous or high traffic area in the workplace, keeping people safe and aware. Along with industrial swing gates, pallet rack post protectors help keep the warehouse safe by providing impact protection on pallet rack columns.

Self-closing industrial safety swing gate scg-w-y
Safety swing gates are also ideal for keeping unwanted or unauthorized personnel out of work zones.

Durable Industrial Swing Gates

Industrial metal safety swing gates can withstand the elements, meaning they’re useful both indoors and outdoors.
Depending on your industry and application, you may need a galvanized gate to stand up to rust or a stainless steel gate to fight against corrosive wear. Even our standard swing gates have a safety yellow finish to worn of caution, and match guardrails.

Industrial Swing Gate Galvanized in a Warehouse by EGA Products

List of all EGA Industrial Swing Gates

Here is a list of all of our swing gates categorized by finish:

  • Safety Yellow
    • Narrow: 16″ to 26″W – SCG-N-Y
    • Wide: 24″ to 40″W – SCG-W-Y
    • Extra-wide: 40″ to 48″W – SCG-X-Y
  • Galvanized
    • Narrow: 16″ to 26″W – SCG-N-G
    • Wide: 24″ to 40″W – SCG-W-G
    • Extra-wide: 40″ to 48″W – SCG-X-G
  • Stainless Steel
    • Narrow: 16″ to 26″W – SCG-N-S
    • Wide: 24″ to 40″W – SCG-W-S
    • Extra-wide: 40″ to 48″W – SCG-X-S

OSHA Compliant Swing Gates

EGA’s swing gates meets OSHA requirements for industrial safety gates. OSHA Standard 1910.29 relates to fall protection systems and falling object protection-criteria and practices. These swing gates are manufactured in the USA unlike other competitors which may go overseas for cheaper material and labor. All our products meet OSHA’s requirements as we strive to manufacture the highest of quality and safe products.

Safety Swing Gate Conclusion

No matter what industry you work in, fall protection is something that you can’t overlook. Industrial swing gates are essential to making sure your workers stay safe at high elevations and protect personnel from dangerous areas or restricted places.

In addition to their safety benefits, these gates can protect your machinery, help secure your job site, and can withstand the rigors of the industrial workplace. It is best to buy high quality, steel industrial swing gates versus less durable aluminum swing gates.

If you have any questions regarding swing gates or other material handling equipment. Reach out to us at 800-937-3427.