Fixed ladders come in all different sizes and applications, so it’s best to choose one that will fit your needs. Follow my comprehensive buyer’s guide below and you’ll know exactly what EGA fixed ladder you need!

How to Choose the Best Fixed Ladder

Choosing a ladder is fairly easy if you know what you are looking for. However, sometimes you just don’t know what kind of ladder you need. To start off, you will first want to know what type of fixed ladder you will need. You can look through all our product offerings in our product catalog. *Please note that some models may have the letter “M” in front of the EGA # in our product catalog (ex: FV10 on our website and MFV10 in catalog – same product).

Types of Fixed Ladders – What are my options?

View our Fixed Ladder Assortment to see all of our fixed ladder categories. All of EGA’s ladders meet or exceed OSHA standards. Determine the style of EGA vertical ladder you would like. All EGA vertical ladders (except the DS series) are designed to walk thru at the top rung of the ladder – having handrails extending 42” above the top ladder rung to allow transition from the ladder to the surface you are accessing. The DS models are a side step design ladder.

Fixed Vertical and Cage Ladders – FV & FC

fixed wall mounted cage ladder

  • Meets or exceeds all known building codes
  • Easy access to roofs and platforms
  • Security gate and panel options
  • 24″ wide rungs
  • Up to 300 lbs. capacity

Vertical Wall Mount Ladders – VMS, VSS, MVMS_EX, MVSS_EX

Vertical Fixed Ladder with Handrail Extensions - VMS8EX

  • Steel or stainless steel
  • Traction tread rungs
  • Handrails extensions available
  • 16″ wide
  • Up to 300 lbs. capacity

Fixed Dock Ladders – DT & DS

fixed wall side step ladders

  • Provide easier access to docks, platforms, and mezzanines
  • Walk-thru handrail option
  • 19″ or 24″ wide rungs
  • Up to 300 lbs. capacity

Wall Mount Walk-Through Steel Dock Ladders – RT

dock ladder

  • Handrails extend 42″ above top rung – capped w/ red vinyl hand grip
  • 1-1/16″ tube construction
  • Durable yellow powder coated
  • 24″ wide rungs
  • 500 lbs. capacity

Two-Step Wall Mount Ladder – WML

two step wall mount ladder ega products

  • Perfect for slippery or wet environments
  • 12″ tread rise
  • Four mounting holes
  • 18″ wide tread width
  • 300 lbs. capacity

Ladder Specifications

Fixed Ladder Height

Once you know what type of ladder you need, measure the height required for the area you would like to access. This is also called the Total Rise. (An example would be the height from work shop concrete floor to mezzanine deck).

  • 10′-0″ or less: MDT, MDS and MRT series ladders are typically used
  • 10′-0″ to 20′-0″: MFV, MFC, MVMS, MVSS models are designed higher applications
  • 21’0″ or more: MFC model is typically used

Ladder Rungs/Steps

The number of steps (or rungs) is determined by how tall of a ladder you need. Most fixed ladder steps are 16″, 19″, or 24″ wide.

  • Standard rung material is single diamond grip-strut on the MDT and MDS models and 1” round steel on MRT, MFV and MFC models
  • Other rung options are available, please contact us if you would like to know more

Additional EGA Vertical Ladder Information

All of our fixed vertical ladders are designed to mount vertically with stand-off brackets. The lowest rung of the ladder can be up to 12” off the ground (ladder rungs are spaced 12” on center). This is important to note when determining the proper ladder model to order. (ex: If you have a total rise of 3’-9” you would need a model MDT4 ladder. In this scenario when the ladder is installed, the first rung of the ladder will be 9” off the ground with each subsequent rung being 12” apart reaching the desired height of 3’-9”.) Floor mounting is available.  Please contact us if you have any questions.

Buying an EGA Products Fixed Ladder

Simply follow the instructions as mentioned on my other blog post about purchasing a rolling ladder.

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