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Multi-Directional Ladder (J-series)

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Multi-Directional Ladder - 50 degree incline - Ezy Tread
EGA # J001Freight Class150-300
FOB: WI 53005YFOB: NC 28115n/a
Lead Times (Days)10Wt. Lbs.120
Overall W x L x H24"x54"x86"Hand RailsY
Tread Widths16"Top Step Height50"
# Of Steps5
Product Description
Multi-Directional Ladder (J-series)

EGA multi-directional rolling ladders have four swivel casters which allows precision steering – enabling easier positioning of ladder in tight areas. Double Ezy-Lock mechanism easily lifts ladder to the rolling position. Stepping on the bottom step secures ladder to floor with large 2-1/2″ diameter pads on each leg. 50 degree incline safety angle on stair makes ascending/descending more comfortable and with less effort. Tough 1″ square tube construction with ergonomic round tube handrails. Weight capacity is 450lbs. Meets OSHA standards

Multi-Directional Ladder - 50 degree incline - Ezy Tread

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Compare EGA # # Of StepsTop Step HeightTread WidthsHand RailsOverall W x L x HWt. Lbs.Lead Times (Days)Get QuotePrintEmail
J001 550"16"Y24"x54"x86"12010 Get Quote    
J011 550"24"Y31"x54"86"13310 Get Quote    
J021 550"30"Y37"x54"x86"14810 Get Quote    
J002 660"16"Y26"x64"x96"13410 Get Quote    
J012 660"24"Y32"x64"x96"14910 Get Quote    
J022 660"30"Y38"x64"x96"16610 Get Quote    
J003 770"16"Y27"x73"x106"14810 Get Quote    
J013 770"24"Y33"x73"x106"16510 Get Quote    
J023 770"30"Y39"x73"x10618310 Get Quote    
J014 880"24"Y35"x82"x11618810 Get Quote    
J024 880"30"Y40"x82"x116"20510 Get Quote    
J015 990"24"Y36"x91"x126"20410 Get Quote    
J025 990"30"Y41"x91"x126"22310 Get Quote    
J016 10100"24"Y37"x100"x136"22010 Get Quote    
J026 10100"30"Y42"x100"x136"24110 Get Quote    
J017 11110"24"Y38"x109"x146"23610 Get Quote    
J027 11110"30"Y44"x109"x146"25910 Get Quote    
J018 12120"24"Y39"x119"x162"25210 Get Quote    
J028 12120"30"Y45"x119"x162"27710 Get Quote    
Multi-Directional Ladder - 50 degree incline - Grip Strut

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Compare EGA # # Of StepsTop Step HeightTread WidthsHand RailsOverall W x L x HWt. Lbs.Lead Times (Days)Get QuotePrintEmail
J121 550"30"Y37"x54"x86"14810 Get Quote    
J101 550"16"Y24"x54"x86"12010 Get Quote    
J111 550"24"Y31"x54"86"13310 Get Quote    
J102 660"16"Y26"x64"x96"13410 Get Quote    
J112 660"24"Y32"x64"x96"14910 Get Quote    
J122 660"30"Y3816610 Get Quote    
J103 770"16"Y27"x73"x106"14810 Get Quote    
J113 770"24"Y33"x73"x106"16510 Get Quote    
J123 770"30"Y39"x73"x10618310 Get Quote    
J114 880"24"Y35"x82"x11618810 Get Quote    
J124 880"30"Y40"x82"x116"20510 Get Quote    
J115 990"24"Y36"x91"x126"20410 Get Quote    
J125 990"30"Y41"x91"x126"22310 Get Quote    
J116 10100"24"Y37"x100"x136"22010 Get Quote    
J126 10100"30"Y42"x100"x136"24110 Get Quote    
J117 11110"24"Y38"x109"x146"23610 Get Quote    
J127 11110"30"Y44"x109"x146"25910 Get Quote    
J118 12120"24"Y39"x119"x162"25210 Get Quote    
J128 12120"30"Y45"x119"x162"27710 Get Quote