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Custom Work Platforms

Custom work platforms are a notable example of EGA Products’ focus on designing with the client in mind. It’s not EGA’s determination what configuration the client needs, but rather their own layout that pieces together like Legos. Modular work platforms like these are easily adapted to countless industries and use. Safety is key in fast paced industrial environments and safety is achieved by having a good grip on the steps, durable construction, and unfailing stability – All traits of the high-quality American made goods produced by EGA.

THE CRAFTSMAN’S EYE – At EGA Products, hiring the best welders, machinists, and skilled tradesmen have paid off. In a world dominated by importers, EGA has held its own because it doubled down on a strategy to offer completely American Made material handling goods. Why? It matters to EGA, and it matters even more to their customers. Customers of EGA know they’re buying handcrafted goods they can count on because at EGA having an eye for craftsmanship is why we’re still here today.

NO ASSEMBLY REQUIRED – all welded construction of strong, 1-inch solid steel square tube technology means this step stool won’t show up broken on your doorstep. It’s also rust resistant with a durable powder coating finish that maintains a good look for years!

STUCK LIKE GLUE – Take a good step with this anti-slip surface for slip resistant footing and rubber-tipped legs to keep the kick stool from sliding out on you.