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Coil Racks

Product Description
Coil Racks

EGA Coil Racks ensure easy and economical storage & handling of strip coil and wire, no matter what the size. Inclined longitudinal members safely cradle loads and prevent marking of stored materials

Coil Racks

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Compare EGA # For Coil SizeStockLengthWidthO.A. HeightWeight (Lbs.)Lead Times (Days)Get QuotePrintEmail
CRS-4219 24"-30"Strip421936\"11020 Get Quote    
CRS-4222 34"-36"Strip42224212020 Get Quote    
CRS-4224 37"-42"Strip42244813020 Get Quote    
CRS-6019 24"-30"Coil60193612220 Get Quote    
CRS-6022 31"-36"Coil60224213220 Get Quote    
CRS-6024 37Coil60244814220 Get Quote    

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