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Fixed Vertical & Cage Ladders (FC & FV – SERIES)

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Fixed Vertical & Cage Ladders - With Cage
EGA # FC10Freight Class300
FOB: WI 53005YLead Times (Days)20
FOB: NC 28115YWeight (Lbs.)187
Overall Length128# Of Rungs10
Product Description
Fixed Vertical & Cage Ladders (FC & FV – SERIES)

Designed to meet or exceed all known building codes, EGA fixed cage ladders provide easy access to roofs and platforms. Available with or without the safety cage addition, our vertical fixed ladders can hold up 300 lbs. in weight and are compliant with OSHA standards.

When working on high platforms and rooftops, providing a safe environment is essential, which is why EGA Products aims to exceed all OSHA requirements by providing fixed ladders that are expertly manufactured to minimize slippage and increase durability.

Fixed Ladder Safety Cage Features

  • Each fixed cage ladder features a walk-thru handrail that extends 42 inches above the top rung, guiding workers up and down the steps.
  • The ladder cage begins eight feet from ground and extends to the top of the ladder.
  • Each ladder cage is flared at bottom for easy ladder access.
  • 1″ diameter wall rungs (18” in width) are included for superior durability.
  • To prevent unauthorized access, we can provide a swivel gate cage bottom or a security panel that lays over the rungs.

As your custom fabrication partner, EGA has the knowledge and experience to deliver fixed ladder and ladder cage products that suit the access needs of your facility or warehouse. Our expert staff is up-to-date on OSHA’s rules and regulations. Not only do we have answers, but we also know which questions that need to be addressed in the planning and production process to ensure all products meet and exceed building code requirements.

Request a quote today or call EGA directly at 262-781-7899 to learn more about our fixed vertical and cage ladder options.

Fixed Vertical & Cage Ladders - With Cage

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Compare EGA # # Of RungsOverall LengthWeight (Lbs.)Lead Times (Days)Get QuotePrintEmail
FC10 1012818720 Get Quote    
FC12 1214822320 Get Quote    
FC14 1416826120 Get Quote    
FC16 1618829920 Get Quote    
FC18 1820833820 Get Quote    
FC20 2022836820 Get Quote    
FC22 2224840520 Get Quote    
FC24 2426844220 Get Quote    
Fixed Vertical & Cage Ladders - Without Cage

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Compare EGA # Overall Length# Of RungsWeight (Lbs.)Lead Times (Days)Get QuotePrintEmail
FV10 1281012420 Get Quote    
FV12 1481214220 Get Quote    
FV14 1681416120 Get Quote    
FV16 1881618120 Get Quote    
FV18 2081819420 Get Quote    
FV20 2282021320 Get Quote    

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